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AHP Listener Special: Caring for the Betta Fish
November 14, 2018 Alexander Cardinale

Over the years, there has been one fish that I, Aqua Alex have been asked to do an episode on. Many people love this fish. Kids, college students, adults, and the elderly all love and keep this fish. It is one of the easiest fish to keep in the aquarium hobby.This fish has been around since the 1800's and it's popularity is known worldwide. The fish was used for fighting and is called the ''Siamese Fighting Fish''. Yes, I am talking about the Betta fish!
Bettas are a gorgeous fish that display a wide variety of colors and personality. They have been kept for many years and there is controversy in keeping bettas. Some people have kept bettas in glass bowls. Fish keepers feel that bettas belong in aquariums. Nonetheless, everyone loves bettas!
As requested by you the listeners, here is your betta episode!!!
Planned for the show:
~ The History of Bettas
Find out about the long storied history of bettas!
~ Caring for Bettas
how do I maintain a betta? What is needed for keeping bettas? All that and more will be answered!
~ The Betta Debate: Do they belong in a Bowl or Aquarium?
I answer this controversial question with my opinion and information from my research!

Enjoy the show and thanks for requesting a show on bettas, hope you like the show!
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