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Monster Fish Keepers on AHP: Peacock Bass & Monsters W/ Robert Schmidt
October 22, 2018 Alexander Cardinale

Monster Fish Keeper Robert Schmidt joins Aqua Alex for a fun Monster fish chat here on Monster Fish Month. Robert Schmidt keeps Oscar Cichlids, Peacock Bass, a Silver Arowana, and Motoro (freshwater) stingrays. What monster fish chat will Robert bring to Aqua Alex? One thing is for sure, monster fish keepers will enjoy this show!
For the first time ever on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast, Rob and I will be discussing Peacock Bass! Peacock Bass are an amazing predatory fish!
~ How did Rob get into Monster fish
~ What Monster Fish he is keeping
~ Peacock Bass discussion
~ Are piranhas considered monsters?
Enjoy the show and Happy Monster Fish Month!!
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