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Monster Fish Keepers on AHP: Tank Busters Part 1
October 18, 2018 Alexander Cardinale

Some tropical fish have the potential to grow to epic enormous sizes!! These tropical fish species can reach sizes of 3 feet to 5 feet. We call these species of fish ''TANKBUSTERS''! We call them tankbusters because they can literally bust a fish tank wide open when spooked. Believe it or not, it has happened. However, the term tank buster mainly implies that the fish gets too big for any home aquarium.
Welcome to the first ''series'' on Monster Fish Keepers!! I will be doing some episodes on different tank busting species!
On this episode, I will be focusing on the most common tank busters! These are fish that you will see at your local fish store as cute babies and you will want to take them home and raise them! Many people don't realize the size that these fish get!
Red Belly Pacu are often called vegan piranhas. As juveniles they look like baby red belly piranha. But, pacus grow BIG QUICK and outgrow most aquariums. Reaching around 3 feet, pacus are a schooling fish and require 300 gallons and bigger.
Iridescent Sharks are one fish that do not belong in the aquarium hobby. They grow up to 4 feet, are schooling fish, and super skittish!
Red Tail Catfish are super cute! But they grow up to five feet and eat everything in site.
Find out more about these species as your host Monster Alex dives into the topic of TankBusters!

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