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AHP Fish of the Week October 9th: Flagtail Prochilodus
October 09, 2018 Alexander Cardinale

October is Monster Fish Month and all through out the month, I, Aqua Alex will be discussing monster fish and fish that grow large. Monster Fish Month includes Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast Fish of the week. Each week in October, I am going to highlight a different species of monster growing large predatory fish!
This week's fish of the week is a fish that comes from South America! It is a fish that can grow anywhere from 12'' to 18'' in length! It is a shoaling species of fish that can be seen leaping in the wild like salmon. They are an algae eater and herbivore. They have silver, red, orange coloration and a red to orangeish flag tail!
This week's fish of the week is the Flagtail Prochilodus! (Semaprochilodus Taeniurus).Perhaps, the best algae eater in the aquarium hobby, the flagtail makes a great addition to any large aquarium whether it has small community fish and large monster fish!
Learn how to keep and care for the flagtail prochilodus!
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