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Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast 10 K Listens Special
September 22, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
It's time to celebrate this special occasion! Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast has just reached a total of over 10,000 listens! Thank you to all of you for showing me support by listening to the shows that are put out! As a way of saying thank you I have put together a small special episode to celebrate reaching 10 K listens! On this episode, I give shout-outs to the Facebook Fish Groups, discuss some upcoming news and plans for Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast, and of course tropical fish chat!!!! Fish chat Planned for the show: My Current Fish I am Keeping What I'm going to Order from Jeff Rapps at Tangled up in Cichlids My Thoughts on GLO-FISH and brief thoughts on Wild Fish in Aquariums THANK YOU THE WONDERFUL FISH KEEPERS FOR HELPING AHP HIT 10 K TOTAL LISTENS!!!!!
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