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Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast 150th Episode Stingray STINGER!
September 09, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
This episode of Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast is our 150th episode. YES THAT IS CORRECT! WE HAVE REACHED 150 EPISODES! To celebrate our 150th episode, I have put together an action packed tropical fish show for everyone to enjoy! I am going to let other tropical fish keepers do the talking! I have 3 special guests coming on the show to celebrate our 150th episode of AHP. This is a show of FIRST EVERS! For the first time ever, we take a trip down memory lane as I play 2 guest interviews from the now retired Aquatic Wetline. Also, for the first time Freshwater Stingrays will be discussed. Everything from working at PetSmart and Petco as a fish keeper to tips to purchasing fish to nano aquariums and freshwater stingrays!!! THIS WILL MARK THE FIRST TIME I'VE EVER CHATTED FRESHWATER STINGRAYS WITH A STING RAY HOBBYIST. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: SPECIAL GUEST #1 MaFishGuy Aaron Kremer From Aquatic Wetline in 2013, Aaron discusses how it is to work at Petco and PetSmart as a fish keeper, tips for purchasing fish, and more. SPECIAL GUEST #2 Stan Jamrog From Aquatic Wetline in 2014, Stan Jamrog discusses nano aquariums and the fish and inverts that can live in them. MAIN EVENT SPECIAL GUEST #3 STINGRAY HOBBYIST MARTY JANDURA Marty will be discussing how to keep and care for stingrays, tankmates for rays, and more! THANK YOU TO ALL THE FISH KEEPERS FOR MAKING AHP A SUCCESS! ENJOY THE SHOW! PLEASE LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE THE AQUARIUM NETWORK FOR SHOW NEWS, PERSONAL AQUARIUM COLLECTION PICS, AND MORE!
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