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Aqua Alex Fish Keeper's Open Forum Q AND A: August 2018
August 27, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
It's time for the August 2018 Fish Keeper's Open Forum Question and Answer. I, fish keeper Aqua Alex Cardinale got to answer some of your wonderful questions! I always enjoy answering your tropical fish keeping questions. I want to thank each and every one of you who submitted questions for this month's episode of Aqua Alex Open Forum Q and A. What tropical fish topics will be brought up from the questions? Find out on this episode of Aqua Alex Fish Keeper's Open Forum. What questions will Jeremy Stellhorn from Little Egypt Aquarium Club provide for the inquiry? STAY TUNED FOR A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT AT THE END OF THE SHOW! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Jeremy Stellhorn's Little Egypt Aquarium Club Inquiry Featuring questions on Pink Kissing Gouramis, Fancy Plecos, and More ~ Aqua Alex Open Forum Q AND A Featuring questions on plecos, corys, flowerhorns and more! ~ BIG ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING SEPTEMBER FISH KEEPER'S Q AND A check out the electronic water change system! have fun with your water changes. get $20 off and FREE SHIPPING by using the discount code AquaAlex2018 SUBMIT YOUR QUESTIONS FOR SEPTEMBER 25TH TO Post them on our Facebook page The Aquarium Network. ANSWER AQUA ALEX'S QUESTIONS FOR SEPTEMBER 25 Q1: What is your favorite tropical fish species? Q2: Freshwater or saltwater.... which one is the best to you and why? Q3: If you could have a dream tank, what size would it be and what live stock would go in it? email answers to OR use the voice recorder on your smart phone, tablet or computer and email the mp3 audio file to

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:04You were listening to the Aquarium Hobbyist podcast with the Aqua Alex on the aquarium hobbyist podcast. Any and everything. Tropical fish and aquariums will be discussed from freshwater to saltwater sick list, clownfish aqua. Alex has you covered what tropical fish topic is up for discussion today? Let's find out. Aquatics. Take it away.

Speaker 2:0:27Hello, tropical fish. Welcome to your podcast. Welcome to aquarium hobbyist podcast. I'm your host, aqua, currently nilly coming to you from my fish room here in springfield. Massive, huge usage. I'm looking at my aquarium, looking at my pool, epirus ordinate and my poop and we and we and all my other fish and I figured it's time for a special episode on Macquarie Home Hobbyist podcast. This is the August 2008 keen aqua analytics fish keepers open forum q and a where I will ensure. Oh, your tropical fish, fresh water and salt water questions. This is this month's edition of the fish keepers open forum q and a. I asked some great questions to answer today. I want to make everyone to everyone who submitted questions, so all the fish keepers that submitted questions. Thank you in advance for your wonderful questions. Now at the end of the show today, I have an announcement for next month's fish keepers q and a open forum. You won't want to miss it, so stay tuned for that announcement at the end of the show. So here's what's on the show today. Jeremy's still horace little Egypt Aquarium Quad inquiry where Jeremy will be asking me some questions. Then I got the Aqua Alex Open Forum q and a. What topics will come about from the questions mentioned today. Let's find out right now, and then of course they got the major announcement that I'm going to share, so it's finding out what questions and topics are going to be are going to be on this show right now.

Speaker 3:2:26This is the little Egypt aquarian club inquiry presented by Jeremy's still heard. Jeremy will ask aquit Alex Tropical fish questions. He wants answers to these questions and answers may be very beneficial to you after the show. Be sure to log onto facebook and hit up the search bar, type in little Egypt aquarium club and hit join little Egypt aquarian club as a fun laid back drama free to clarion hobbyist group where any and every fish keeper is welcomed. See Pictures of fish, upcoming club and more. Now onto the inquiry.

Speaker 2:3:05Question number one, I would like to keep some pink kissing me, but I need some care information on them. Can you provide me with information on pink kissing her Ramis? Yes. I can. Pink Kissing. Her armies are found in the tropical Asia from Thailand into Indonesia in Sumatra bore no java, Cambodia, Malay Peninsula and possibly in eastern may, minimum or Burma. So they're found all over Asia. And interestingly enough, they're found where clown loaches, a fear of Fisher mine are founded, Sumatra and born out now in nature. Kissinger Ramis occur in lakes and rivers as well as canals, ponds and marshes. They inhabit shallow, slow moving waters were so lot of vegetation there on divorce and nature and feed on a best nick allergy, a variety of plants, zoo plankton, aquatic insects near the surface of the water. Now kissing around me through growing anywhere from five to seven inches, so they are a decent size to therefore a pink kissing her requires an aquarium, 55 gallons and up.

Speaker 2:4:36I'd say a 75 gallon 90 gallon, 110 gallon one would be perfect for a pair of pink kissing her. Me. Now feeding pinkish and grammy's is real simple. Those we just about anything but you could feed them flakes, good quality pellets, blood worms, Brian tramp, market, tramp, and even the occasional cricket and other aquatic insects because as they eat in nature, take mates for the kissing, Gouramis simple. Anything big enough not to be in. Do not keep pissing around with small fish because they'll eat the small fish. Otherwise you can have them with larger metros like silver dollars, Columbian tetras, Bolinas Aires, tetras, black skirt, tetris platters, and molly's other girl Rami for doors, catfish in other species of fish lake that the kissing gouramis can do well with. Now the kitchen garage will swim in all areas, but especially likes the middle and top portions of the aquarium as a small fish so it can be helped.

Speaker 2:5:49And smaller aquariums, but as a dollar stable, need at least a 75 gallon tank or larger, say gold at the surface to ensure adequate oxygen intake so they must have plenty of access of surface area. It is desirable to keep the tank in a room with a temperature as close as possible to the tank water. The teacher have an efficient filtration system, but it should not create too much of a recurrent. This fish will be bothered by too much water movement and it could cause these fish distress, especially if the tank is small. These Harami's will show their color is best on a dark substrate, a large gravel stroke rate with some river rocks. Worst, great to prevent digging and provides surface area for allergy growth. And that's your information on pink kissing. Grimy. Question two, what are the best fiancee? PLECO is for beginners.

Speaker 2:6:55That's a great question. Considering that most NGOs are very hardy, they're very easy to keep and most of them are simple to keep it an aquarium. I see a lot of those are very hardy and easy to keep for beginners, but there are some things that you need to watch out for, for example, a common pleco or a Gabby Pleco or I feel free and Pleco. Those clinicals are relatively easy to keep. Nothing will kill them, but they grow massive. They can grow up to two feet and more so I could see why people will go to a fancy pleco. Things like the Brislyn knows cleco because day stay manageable and they don't grow way too big like the other ones do, so the best fancy plaque goes for beginners. The first species are political. I'm going to recommend is the sister is bushy, knows pleco.

Speaker 2:7:50There's a live variety of pushing all this goes out there. You've got your normal Bush, who knows, but go. You've got. You're all buying all Bush and all with Cleco. You got your Calico Bushman, cleco. You've got some of the designer ones that are out there nowadays. Buckles Max about five slash six inches there. Just like the common Pleco, but they stay small. They eat algae, they eat vegetables, and you're a beautiful fish. The mail and sister is goes develop a lot of Nice bristles on your face and it's a very gorgeous fish. Clown. Plat goals are great, but clown puck goes need driftwood, so if you're going to keep a clown facteau, make sure you have driftwood in your aquarium rubber plug goes or another gray pleco. They stay small like the bushing, all of Cleco, and they'll eat algae as well. Now for the feats earplug goes, here are the species that I found to be really good beginner, fancy pleco l one, two nine, Colombian Zebra, Pleco, king, Tiger Pleco, and Queen Tiger, pleco.

Speaker 2:8:56Greenfields and Cleco and Blue Phantom pleco are hardy. They're very, very hardy and royal pleco of. So those are all of the fancy plug holes that I think are best for beginners. Now I would say to beginners, make sure to research the individual species you want. Find out about their diet because every species has a different diet. Some like vegetables, well some vegetables and wood and some like me. So research your knuckles diet. It always provides riff ward in your aquariums. The driftwood in your take helps the Pleco digest other foods properly, so have your in your aquariums. Question three is some straight required for aquariums. That's a great question and depending on the fish gape or you're going to get multiple answers, but for me, no, some stray is not required for aquariums. Some straight makes aquariums look natural, that's for sure. If you're trying to do a bio top aquarium, then yes you want some straight in your aquarium, but a bare bottom aquarium is a lot easier to take care of.

Speaker 2:10:15You're going to be able to siphon out the way that the fish produce were bare bottom aquarium a lot easier than you would with a tank and asked some straight in it, but I will admit bare bottom tank to get ugly kind of quick. So I do like with some strict. That's why I'm going to be ending sub straight to my 90 gallon aquarium. Question for how much water should be changed during a water change and how often should water changes be done? That depends on the individual fish keeper. A lot of fish keepers have varying opinions, but for me personally, I would say 20 to 40 percent of water should be changed once a week, once a week, 20 to 40 percent water Fiji's is enough now. You could actually do a 90 percent water change. It'd be totally fine as long as you're introducing fresh, clean, same temperature water to your aquarium, a lot of fish keeper, they're probably going to stay that incorrect, but it can happen. A lot of other fish keeper feel the same way as I you even a 90 percent water change is good for fish murmur. The cleaner the water, the happier the fish and the healthier the fig. Thank you. Jeremy still worn from will Egypt aquarium club for those wonderful questions this month,

Speaker 4:11:57so find out

Speaker 2:12:06fish keeper is time to answer your questions. Now, our first question comes from Morella mcquaig brand mean from facebook group, International Queer riff club. She says, I have an a vital core, Doris, amongst other core doors that are doing super well in a 20 gallon fish tank, but you're buying A. Corey has been surfing for weeks now. Water quality is good and you're always other fish in the tank is one small pleco question is, should I keep the, I know in a 20 gallon aquarium or move him into my larger Angel Fish Tank, I'd hate to put him in a larger take alone, but also hesitate to split up this quarry in half because it seems like your groupings of three or four isn't quite enough. Also a little concerned about potential bullying from the your fish. That's a great question. No, I personally say leave the Obama core doors in the tank.

Speaker 2:13:19Now, one thing you should know is that core doors you go to the top for air. They are an air breathing catfish, so I would not worry whatsoever. He's probably just going up there for every once in a while. Um, and I would not separate them at all because he never want to keep a single core doors. Cat, especially in the tech was a larger angel fish because corridors are schooling fish and yes, I think the angel fish would bully a single core doors. Catfish. Thank you for that. Great question. Now we got questions from a man named Victor, healing from the group fishcake enablers. He has some great questions. Victor. Human first question, how many species? Oh, customers are there. How many species are there? Well, that's a great question. I had to research or find out there are 256. No one goes to me.

Speaker 2:14:21He's right now. So we have l zero, zero, one to l, two five slash six b heave. These include the common pluck goes. The sister is MCOs that the panic you, platte goes between catfish auto figure with pill catfish. It shatter. There are 255th. What goes species? Victor Hewing. How many species of killy fish are there? Killy fish is a family of faith which compromise of over 1,250 species. Twelve hundred and 50 species are killing fish. Species are classified into 10 different groups to kill. He finished family is very diverse and widespread group of fish. They have adapted to live in a huge range of different habitats and are found in almost all continents across the world. Except for Australia and Antarctica. Killy fish are mainly found in shallow, subtropical and tropical waters. They inhabit both still and moving waters. There are mostly fresh water fish.

Speaker 2:15:43However, there are a few species which are brackish and salt water. Victor healing what species of sick which are native to Asia. I had to research this question also, but it appears that the Israeli Tilapia, the Nile Tilapia, the mango tilapia, the red belly tilapia, the care. Now the cannery Pearl spot in the Green Chroma, our own native to Asia. All right, one of the great start to our q and a this month. Right now we're gonna. Go ahead and take a quick intermission. During this intermission, you're going to hear a couple of important announcements for via Aquarium Hobbyist podcast. Coming up next, I'm going to continually answering some more of your wonderful fish keeping questions and I've got that major announcement coming up right now. After this intermission

Speaker 5:16:47coming up this week on aquarium hobbyist podcast, we will be celebrating our 150th episode. For the first time ever, Aqua Alex is going to be discussing freshwater stingrays joining aqua alex on this show to discuss for quarter sting rays is fresh water thing, Reiki for Marty 10 Kira. Marty keeps grieved and raises freshwater sting rays, so he's going to share his knowledge and expertise on fresh water stingrays plus who have read the other special guests and will there be three special gas signed out this week and aquarium obvious podcast as we are 150 episodes aqua analytics. Watch your insurers. Fish keepers. Answer off Alex's questions. The question's asking you what is your favorite and why? Email to our or use a voice recorder on your phone, tablet or computer and three or Wav voice recording to Alice, knowing 19 plus star fish. Keeping questions, any fresh water or salt water pushed in to our fan page. Next September 25th on the fish keepers Qa open for

Speaker 2:19:13victor hewing. What is the smallest fish in the aquarium hobby? You know, I had to research really hard for the answer for this question, and I'm going to start with some fish that are considered small in the aquarium hobby Ganio stay small, neon Tetras, Cardinal Tetras, ember, tetras, romy knows tetros and guppy. They're all small phage and the aquarium hobby, but the smallest fish in the aquarium hobby is called the rice fish, literally because it's decided the variety, the world's smallest fish is Pado sipress Piko Kinetica, and was only recently discovered in the last decade. Scientists discovered that living in the forest swamps of the Indonesia, Indonesia land of Sumatra, mature females measure just seven point nine millimeters less than one slash third of an inch. For the right fish is the smallest fish in the aquarium hobby, Rebecca Parker. Her question comes from the facebook group. Fish take enablers.

Speaker 2:20:38What is the number one killer of aquarium fish were no visible signs of sickness, our present, and that's simple. Ammonia, ammonia can kill fish instantly and ammonia can be caused by excessive feeding, overstocked aquariums or dirty cloudy water. Now to clear ammonia, you want to do water changes, the more water changes to do, the less chance so ammonia human will want. You never want high ammonia in your aquarium. And like I said, ammonia killed fish instantly, so the number one killer of aquarium fish were no signs of sickness, ammonia, or bad water quality. In our last question comes from my facebook group, Aquarium Hobbyist podcast and is from Nick Carter and he says, I have purchased my first flower horn. I know a lot of people do not like them, but I do. Can you please tell me how big they get and how I can grow?

Speaker 2:21:42My fish is sick. Would Hump called Cock A. Okay. He has a small one right now. Can you recommend a food right now? He is eating in the car. He sick wood pellets. So first things first, how big is your flow? Oren? I'm going to get. Well, fluoro horns are not a natural fish. They are manmade. So you never know how big the hybrid fish is going to get, but considering that a flower horn is a hybrid between a several, sick in a minus is safe to say that a flower Warren is probably going to get around 10 to 12 inches in lanes now for the sick would hump that they get. I have no idea how to grow that, but I can always demise that a good diet, clean water, and a nice tank will help grow the sick. Would Hump. Um, I would recommend doing plenty of water. Can you it keeping your tank crystal clear now as far as feeding your flower whore pellets are a great staple for all, for all sick lids. I would, however, recommend trying Omega one or new I spectrum pellets because they have more meaty foods in them. And I also recommend feeding stuff like Marcus shrimp, earthworms and other protein rich foods to bring out the color of your flower horn. Gray question,

Speaker 5:23:13watch your head insurers, fish keeper, answer questions for this open forum q and a questions asking you, what is your favorite fish species? Which Atu and why is ey and what livestock lifestyle in it. Email your interest to our car and knowing 19 or use a voice recorder on your phone, tablet or computer and send the MP three or Wav voice recording to our core knowing any work on the fish keeper.

Speaker 2:24:41All right, I want to thank everyone for all your questions. Thank you for submitting your quick things for this month. Q and A. I had a blast answering your questions. So thank you to all the fish keeper who submitted questions starting today. Submit your questions for next month. Starting today. Right after this show. So make your questions for September 25th. No, here's how you can submit your questions. Post your questions on our facebook page, the aquarium network. Go on facebook, search you aquarium network, hit like on the aquarium network and then post your questions there or you can email them to Alex. go eat curtain Nelly I look forward to answering your questions next month. Alright, so are you ready for the major announcement? I sure hope you are starting next month. September 25th awkward mix will be asking you the fish keepers questions. I'll be asking you questions.

Speaker 2:26:02I will read your actors on this show or Oh, play your answers on your show. So here are the questions I am asking for. September 25th. Question one, what is your favorite tropical fish? We fiv question to fresh water or so water. Which one is best for you? And why? And question three, if you could have a dream tank, what size would it be and what livestock would go in it? Again, what is your favorite tropical fish species, fresh water or salt water? Which one is the best to you and why? And if you have a dream tank, what size would it be? And what livestock would go in at to answer these questions, simply email me at owl. Looks go yankees card knowing 19 Accumulo After the questions by email me Alex, go yankees card, Nelly 19 and she Or you can send recorded answers.

Speaker 2:27:09Use The voice recorder on your smart phone, tablet or computer and send your audio recording. MP three, two hours. Go Yankees current knowing Again, to answer the questions, email me at our store Yankees, curved knowing 19 or use the voice recorder on your phone, tablet or computer, and send the MP three file or a wav file to my email. All right, that is our show. Thank you everyone for tuning in and thank you everyone for all your questions. I hope I answered the questions to your liking. I had a lot of funnier throwing them and they were some great tropical fish keeping quiet and they do everyone for tuning into this episode of Aquarium Hobby podcast. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to share this episode with your friends and your family and share it on social media. Feel free to leave a review on Itunes, your review health better. The show was that being shared. Enjoy your aquarium, fish your fish and have fun with the aquarium hobby. I'll see you on the next episode of Aquarium Hobby as podcasts, Aqua Alex saying goodbye. You've

Speaker 4:28:30been listening to Aqua Alec Hobbyists podcast. Come swimming back to the next episode for more tropical fish, chat and information on keeping your fish happy and healthy. Checkout Alex on the following. Social media platforms. Facebook under the name Alex cardinality, twitter at called Youtube Channel. Exotic Monster fish keeper. Nineteen 93. And instagram. So real. Alex cardinality.

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