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August 21, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast


August 21, 2018

Alexander Cardinale

Welcome to the tropical fish keeping summer podcast party!! Every August, I Aqua Alex will be hosting an aquarium hobby slamdown called AQUASLAM where I will be discussing many tropical fish keeping topics, interview some great fish keepers, and have some fun! It all begins this year with our first annual AQUASLAM! This is a great action packed tropical fish show with lots of great action! You are in store for a fun listen! This show is an hour and 22 mins long but it's a show that is full of non stop action that even includes comedy to make you laugh and music to get you ready pumped and excited for the next discussion. There are even fish facts!!! Fish Keeper and African Cichlid guru Donovan Barger returns for the first time in a long time to be our special guest. Topics range from Best fish keeping YouTube channels and Facebook fish groups to hybrid fish to fish native to the USA PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: Special Guest: African Cichlid Guru Donovan Barger Tropical Fish Champions Summer Vacations and Tropical Fish Thoughts on Hybrid Fish Indoor Ponds Fish native to the USA Thanks for listening!!! Enjoy the show and have fun keeping fish! Feel free to share this show! Leave a review on I-TUNES and other sites!
Welcome to the tropical fish keeping summer podcast party!! Every August, I Aqua Alex will be hosting an aquarium hobby slamdown called AQUASLAM where I will be discussing many tropical fish keeping topics, interview some great fish keepers, and have some fun! It all begins this year with our first annual AQUASLAM! This is a great action packed tropical fish show with lots of great action! You are in store for a fun listen! This show is an hour and 22 mins long but it's a show that is full of non stop action that even includes comedy to make you laugh and music to get you ready pumped and excited for the next discussion. There are even fish facts!!! Fish Keeper and African Cichlid guru Donovan Barger returns for the first time in a long time to be our special guest. Topics range from Best fish keeping YouTube channels and Facebook fish groups to hybrid fish to fish native to the USA PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: Special Guest: African Cichlid Guru Donovan Barger Tropical Fish Champions Summer Vacations and Tropical Fish Thoughts on Hybrid Fish Indoor Ponds Fish native to the USA Thanks for listening!!! Enjoy the show and have fun keeping fish! Feel free to share this show! Leave a review on I-TUNES and other sites!

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00This episode of Aquarium Hobbyist podcast with Aqua Alex is brought to you by hack week. Finish the first electronic water change system, providing fish capers with easier water changes. Check them out at www dot [inaudible] dot com. For More Info,

Speaker 2:0:18you were listening to the Aquarium Hobbyist podcast with the Aqua Alex on the aquarium hobbyist podcast. Any and everything. Tropical fish and aquariums will be discussed from fresh water to salt water, a clownfish aqua. Alex has you covered what tropical fish topic is up for discussion today? Let's find out. Aquatics. Take it away.

Speaker 3:0:40Yeah.

Speaker 4:1:11On July first 2017, Alex cardinale made the best decision of his podcast live by moving buzzsprout. Fast forward one year later, aquarium hobbyist podcast is kicking some serious to celebrate our one year.

Speaker 3:1:29You are about to be a part of an extravagant episode, accurate tropical fish. Tropical fish is now.

Speaker 5:2:03Hello, tropical fish keeper and welcome to the world. I'm your host, Trish keeper. Awkward hours really flaming down to fish hobby from my fish room ray here in springfield, mass and usage. Aqua swam. It's going to be an annual show that will air every August. It will feed your tropical fish, keeping guests pluggy. I'm interacting tropical fish, chat, and more. Today I have a wonderful tropical fish keeping swam down. Coming your way. I really think you're going to enjoy this action pack show. There will be an awesome tropical fish keeping gas. Joining the show today to help the aquarium hobby. I had some interesting aquarium topics that I'm going to be discussing and I'm even going to think some aquarium songs. What? Yes, I'm going to be thinking, am I crazy or am I losing my mind? Maybe, or maybe I have a fishy brain. Who knows, but in reality, I have a fish keeping rap song, so I'm going to play on his show.

Speaker 5:3:29It's the Aqua Slam, one of the biggest episodes of the year on Aquarium Hobbyist podcast. So here's what's on the aquarium to be slammed. Here is the agenda, special guest African sick with lover and fish keeper, Donovan Barger returns for the first time in nearly a year. Tropical fish, lamb down topics, fish native to the United States of America. Tropical fish champions, best fish keeping you do channels and best faith book, fish groups, summer vacations and tropical fish keeping. Find out how to have a worry free stress free vacation without worrying about your tropical fish. How to build an indoor pond. My thoughts on hybrid fish and a few of topic material including funny audio clips and music. Our main event tonight, tropical fish native to America. Find out about fifth Neato to the USA. This may be one of our longest show with a year, but it's a fun slam on the Aquarium Hobby. Let's begin.

Speaker 5:4:49Before we begin, I would like to go over the year and has been for me. I was carting nearly here on buzzsprout. It has been an awesome year. The year started off as the ace network. July first 2017. We launched our first episode and it was incredibly successful. Fast forward to the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. I noticed the huge growth and listens and my success was doubling and tripling, but may of this year I decided I would stick to what I love best and succeed in. That is tropical fish aquarium hobbyist podcast successfully debuted on May 15th. It is quickly growing in succeeding stats for the first year for the first year of our existence here on bus route, we have over 9,000 listens. Yes, that's right folks. We have over 9,000 listens, so thank you to all the listeners for your support. Thank you for your listings and thank you for being a part of Alice carding nelly on buzz brow and more growing. You think you're being a part of aquarium hobbyist podcast. Now let's begin is fun show. We're going to start with a very special segment and it's our guest of the evening

Speaker 6:6:22tropical fish keepers. This opening segment is scheduled for one fall and is a special guest interview. About to come on. The show from Texas is the African sick Linda lever and fish keeper, Donovan Barger.

Speaker 7:6:49It is with great pleasure. Pretty Long. Yeah, man. It's been awhile. A lot of fish tanks and stuff like that. Let's get into our first topic for you since the last time we chatted. Well, it's been good. So I've got to be very particular on what I want to Keith and things of that sort. So it's kind of a, it's hit or miss right now. So I moved away from the tank and Deacon because I've had some mishaps. I bought some wild caught Gropius, right? Red Rainbow and they ended up having this weird and I didn't know what it was. And then again I bought another four. They were Catholic but I brought a group of them and they did the same thing and it's really kind of ruined and come to find out what do you want to get deeper into that conversation?

Speaker 7:8:43Okay. So come to find out, uh, I talked to Pam, I don't know if you're familiar with her. Um, she's done a lot of stuff in Africa, humanize she's there and she had sent back to America to her, to her home and uh, she's kind of wild fish fish and mainly troll fest. And so I got ahold of her and told her my situation, send her pictures and how I can describe the trope is like, is what we, you're a lot about below. Which flow is, you know, there's somebody gets huge and Emma blockage and I just attract all Africans have that issue. If something, they're not supposed to be eating high in protein on the Mediterranean fish, which I was not in the USA. USA was actually the Spirulina is what they call it and photo and she's us. She handed is bloated. So she explained to me that Lacoste Fish, you take them out.

Speaker 7:9:55And I especially because she thinks I'm out of the way. They were out of the lake for two weeks and within that two weeks they ended up coming from Africa over here to America. And then that's three days ago I think, or any, you may have some losses, three or four days out from Africa to America. And so you get implemented and economics to the guy that actually ordered them in. They hit the airport. He actually drove me to this house, put them in the state. And they're in the, hey, you know, for however long that now my new cost, so yeah, they're like, whoa, what's going on here? And this was stressed out and that is fine there for the first couple of days and then I wouldn't pick them up and I had them in my room and there was a group of nine of them and they were doing great and all of a sudden they started acting weird and they started blowing up and anyway she said that it will get stressed out and that they will end up.

Speaker 7:10:57There's parasites in the fishery on main system is totally down. And so this stuff like a puffer fish, like I said before, and it was really smart his fist and I couldn't figure out what was going on. One accurate one right after another. Just blown up, blown up and stressed. And you know, she said it would be more, you'd be more apical to keith a say contain craziest fish, which is st rays because they don't really have that issue. It's just a hit or miss either going to get a good bash, bash and swell. I've lost a lot of money out of this, so I left the beacon game and I went back to like Malala. You're from Africa and I'm not keeping half and thinking about, I'm not sure, but I've got a restaurant. I have had Mulatto, Tyriana, chromos.

Speaker 7:12:12There's quite, there's so many name off, but even half a chromosome what? Laidlaw Allie from Africa. So to me there are a lot easier to take care of and she's beautiful, very colorful fish. And so it was from what I have now, um, if you remember, I had that shorter gallon aquarium fish room and so all that had to get rid of and now we're, we moved to a trailer and we bought the trailer and that was in the little town, a little trailer. So I can't keep. So I'm right now I'm just kinda deal with late it beautiful lakes Malali and that's where a lot of the comment Africans, oh yeah, now you got your hybrid was. But those are super popular. It gives them a Petco or petsmart all day long and they have more in Buena allies. Johnny, a mother's wedding. Bono's orange in the don't really know their name, but you can get those all day on it. They're beautiful fish.

Speaker 7:13:32Be Aggressive. Yeah. The colors are just gorgeous. Some are dark blue or light blue and then they get the light blue with the yellow and the red white and they have really cool orange that goes into the blue pens. There's some really nice fish out there that has all the colors that you can get. The green tiger. Oh Man, I just totally blew my mind. I forgot what it's called right now. There's a couple fish that you can get with every color of the rainbow on them and it just blows my mind. It's like he can get the yellow, the red, the blue, the white and black or green or whatever you want on this one.

Speaker 7:14:36One of my favorite African languages, the of them or a small group of them in the near future are so slow growing and for them to be slow him and then so those meetings are slow mayors and Alyssa in turn takes a long time for them to sell them, which I'm not selfish but I'm not so far into it. You got to make a profit. Yeah they are. And what they do grow really slow, like a lot of. Yeah, there's, I think two years I get an inch or two inches. And you're talking to a hundred dollar bill? Pretty much expensive caroline. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Gorgeous blue, which is really expensive. You can buy two males and one female for $300 and to me that's Kinda rough, but as well as cost. So you're getting a wild caught fish was in school so for some reason I just prefer them some food just because their environment they are. And so instead of sputum and food and from there even better because they're wild man. This guy can't move away or river fish for the fish. You got me. That's true. My next question for you is, why are African sequins your favorite

Speaker 7:17:11when the fraud. You just watched them develop into what they're going to be as an adult? Yeah, yeah. You can see a picture and say all that, but you don't understand how many gets to a kitchen that one photo can go through. I'm not saying they're going to turn purple. So many different colors and so many different when they're younger and when they're younger, you know, whenever they start new coloring up and they get really excited to be dominant, black underneath her body and which really dominated by color and it's just like. And then over time it just keeps getting better and better. And can you just experienced this and want to get adults punkish? Uh, you know, you gotta have a really good balance in your tank. Was all male aquarium, like I really enjoy watching them grow up, but I think it's a really cool thing is to get a group of fish that you really enjoy, whether it being this colorful too seriously.

Speaker 7:18:22Issue one, male and female and male doesn't blow up and made them out and they are the female that folding because the whole thing, it was just a cool mothering thing and wherever they are in the wild, I mean you can still do the intakes and taste, but some people are very impatient too, but it's cool. I keep them in the mouth and so they're fully developed and where they opened their mouth, the babies will come out and then one of the babies and so do that and so they're up in heating and they're on their own and doing their own thing or you can waive them from um, from her because they're not really doing anything behind it in her mouth. Even take her away and just play like that's my big thing is. And then watching them develop, go through the changes which I find very interesting, which is why you can get into some Africans, oh, I have a new place and it's free shipping. I think you would really benefit from it.

Speaker 7:19:46I think we would really enjoy this. It's called Tampa Bay, Florida and male fish. Or you can either get an email, you can get one male and females inches and you can get them for $55 for all of those and that's free shipping to your door. So the cool thing is you get to watch them grow up together. He gets his mail for him with the females and then once the male form she gets to watch the male female thing that you can get out of that. I'm actually going to be moving to Florida really soon so I can't wait to see you.

Speaker 7:20:41What are you going to go down there? We just missed it in Florida. Around the Daytona beach area. On each block. Just because now they're in your yard and it's warm all year round. Yeah, but she didn't tell knowing after awhile you can't take it anymore. Have you ever kept A. I have. Actually, I'll tell you a story about that and I walk in there, I saw this and this, and then I realized there was a whole bunch of them in their cake and I'm like, Oh, this is really neat. And so I grabbed what I thought was a male, a female, so you can't really tell because they both kind of looked at I home and I'm like, oh, they're both males and females because they weren't really doing nothing that I come in probably four or five days later and I'm walking around and I know I man, they're little bitty babies and I thought, you know, there's Alaska was they hold no mouth. No. These guys actually like they made, they've laid eggs on the side of the pain. They guarded even though there wasn't another fish in the room, in the room. And the aquarium and. Sorry, my dogs are barking. I, I got almost joking. I never seen him. You come from Africans. I love the little red. Very colorful. Oh yeah. They got a, like the fluorescent blues, like if you look at it as an ally, it's really neat looking with that. Read all my goodness.

Speaker 7:23:40They can live with. Well, I've never tried that myself because I'm just a stickler about even with a high, even like him, he's a big guy, but they were just tearing them off and it was just a fish that come from Africa. Yes. I have several of them and they had a baby. His mail, several babies, but only three of them and I have them in my bedroom here actually right now and they do not stop swimming. They're all days for me. It doesn't matter what's going on there. I think my favorite speech, I can't be honest with you, but I'm not 100 percent sure. I'm looking at a photo right now to balance those. I liked those because they have the large spots on them. They're really unique fish. Honestly. They reproduced the not as fast as you know, and so I would say he's a, he's got black spots and on this tailspin when they're younger it looks to be more of a stretch on their tails and a very, very of similar to the centers on cafes, a little bit different design and they get a lot bigger. Oh No, not at all. Three and a half inches,

Speaker 7:27:21perfect time to slender body and they have the tail fins and on the top and bottom dorsal fin. They have like a screamers and when they come off they have this like really cool blue foil and the is above her eye and around guilt will have some yellow and they have some black. The black spots on them as well. Kind of like little lives right there. He goes and they're very colorful fish, I can tell you that. But if you're really end of the streamers and uh, just a really unique and it's a really neat fish. I got these guys from an auction and I, and they've had it. They had a lot more, but I made the mistake of putting the chromos and the aquarium thinking I ain't got cleared out and I didn't even think about it before. I got to move in here now and I'll move them later kind of thing. And well unfortunately he had half the clutch but there's still some little fish and they also, they go away from the late eight and a rock or something in Barnum. And then even the babies from the old guard, the eggs for them.

Speaker 8:29:24Hello?

Speaker 7:29:37Yeah. I didn't know for sure. Okay. Our session.

Speaker 8:29:46Yeah.

Speaker 7:29:47So what do you think about the emperor from Africa? I'm positive you're explaining. Oh yes, yes. So this is one of those fish that's like a white or unicorn fish that everybody wants to keep the fact that

Speaker 7:30:31so huge. So they get bigger than a large mouth. Bass knows the really unethical to try to keep it in an aquarium fish is amazingly huge. He's got, he'll get some blue on the face a little bit with some yellow from his mouth underneath his mouth. Guilt right there. And he has like stripes and three his back. And he's really beautiful fish. Beautiful Fish. She's probably one of the uh, like I said, a Unicorn or white rhino fest because everybody wants to keep them. But you can't ever get on in the states because they just get so giant and they're, they're gorgeous fish. They're more of a Predator fish and anything I can pass, they will eat anything that comes in a way. So yeah, I think they are beautiful, gorgeous space. I would love to keep on internal, on national geographic. Yes. Mayor uncool. Restive. In your opinion, what do people need to know about teaching Africans? General idea. But everything's pretty much the same symbol. Shows that he has told you what exactly you need to do to get started. Let me just go back and look what was your other podcast channel that you actually posted as a podcast?

Speaker 8:32:33Aquarium hobby

Speaker 7:32:38and learn more about that, but asking you to do that stuff. Um, depending on what you say and you're going, oh man, they got red and blue. Yellow, black can go on for 10 bucks a piece and they eat vegetables. So you want to get some rocks and you're saying can you want to be able to have um, some stage because they want territory but you don't want a whole bunch of rocks to. You ever see them, they will hide out and kind of get into where you can see your fish. And also like if you can make sure you're going to cheer for Lena Diet because have, like I told you before, like they will blow up and they, they will get up and they will die. They die because their body can't function correctly. That is probably one of the biggest mistakes of all the inners made.

Speaker 7:33:42Well just because they don't realize what was any of the heat or what's going on. The rocks. Just kind of give them a little homier Phil, because that's what they do now. Peacocks was bloods. They come out all different kinds. Like have these African slaves limited peacocks, man, super long spans and I just, which is fine. They're cool. They're actually really neat fish. A lot of people, more of a installed and you got to think about it like this, if you're going to teach it, right? But it was the factory saying, yeah, no matter where you're going, so you're going to be there. So grab you some. Uh, there's some blue on them. They're yellow, they've got some sunshine peacocks I've seen that are legit. And they're some Jacob there. Um, there's, there's been a few dolphins I've seen something like that, but if you do remember that and you get the peacocks and half out of that little little little and they keep Amanda fry and you want to wash them color of getting a few males because you're smart and sometimes they'll buy two, get one free or whatever, just some of those and those you can feed carnival experience online, fried shrimp, Krill, just protein and they'll be fine or you can just go ahead and, and he gets membered already.

Speaker 7:35:16Like I might get on the green stuff, throwing that through without a problem because this elena usually comes with all kinds of lights in it and I'm trans and freeze dried fish. Krill. It's all in there, but it's mainly an 80 percent is brilliant. I just sent him a little bit of protein and it's not, that's something you consider them. If I'm getting it all. Now you have this thousand dollars in the bank and you got your taste and you're like, Oh man, you know, I can go out here to see what's there. Okay. Super expensive. Um, there's fish, there's a 10 basically was like I just talked about being town of phonics and there's several places you can go and get full grown males if she doesn't do a full grown male st for you time. If you already have an existing group, if she's going to do it beforehand, if you're doing all males, made sure you at least have four to five males to kind of offset the aggression.

Speaker 7:36:21Now when you start adding them, don't add one fish in. The reason being is we're all going to be on own fish. So if you take a three males, say you have thousand dollars in the bank, they're spending $50, 150 bucks, 50 bucks, you're gonna lose 50 bucks, $150, $150. So that way they aggression, say down and not everybody's picking on one fish and then eventually they will pecking order. You'll have your mail that is just dominant. He's an eight person, so on down the chain, that's just like with anything that goes onto the tank, you'll have a fish tank. So we'll have another fish and that's kind of below that and you have all the other ones that just kind of sit around and act like nothing. Nothing's going on, but they still keep the color. She'll be the fish. So there's a lot of variations you can do.

Speaker 7:37:14Like I said before, the big tip, if you will want to see a male blow up and really look good issue one fish. If you're gonna order from a website or whatever and wash that fish really developed and just just really blow up. If you do that, I feel like a new first. But we all know there's subtle field. Just want to get into the holiday and say, man, I want this mail. I want to do this because there's options out there. If you want them by mail for 50 bucks, you can buy six fish for 55 however you want to do it. So I would really, really concentrate on making sure that if you're going to buy a full grown male as you made sure that you have on one time instead of one of the time because you really going to hurt yourself. But like I said, a growing out and making, I think that's probably the funniest thing you can do. So anyway. Very well said. I agree with you on that so much for being here tonight on the news. I'm always happy to be on here getting into the fish. That's good.

Speaker 7:38:48Well, I hope you get some awesome man. I wouldn't probably. I mean you might have a lot of things from people, but I don't think it'd be a problem. No, I don't think so either. This is my opinion. I mean they called the Fisher bag. I don't see why you have an issue.

Speaker 3:39:33I agree with you there. It's time to Cranson champions. Which channel is the best right now? The

Speaker 5:39:50first championship award goes to a local fish for now, this little whole fish doors about 45 minutes away from me and it's the fish store that I don't frequent often because it is so far away from me. The name of this store is emonds tropical fish and it sends Miss Berry, Connecticut. No, I visited him. His tropical fish on August first and then I have to say they have a wonderful variety of livestock, some great fish and small pets. They carry a lot of exotic and rear face fish you won't see at your change stores like petsmart and Petco. I saw some giant, giant foot long periods that woods, which you don't see very often in your job. In fact, I think I can say that it was the first time that I seen huge periods, thick ones like that. They also had sandbar that noise, which are our favorite debt, annoyed of mine.

Speaker 5:40:55Um, however, I couldn't even afford a debt annoyed at the time, but next time I will get a dad no idea. I had flagged to approach a lotus in a lot of other exotic fish, including fancy plaque goes and public is one of my favorite species and everything, so I liked the variety. The ammons tropical fish has. They have a wide variety of exotic fish, so the next time you're in Shrewsbury, Connecticut or Connecticut in general, I definitely recommend checking out Emmons, tropical fish. I did buy some fish from them. I bought a Oronite Oronite biker. I bought a common pleco, good sized one. I bought a rock kill several and also I bought a a silver Arrow Awana, so it was a great purchase. All the fish are doing great. Now it's time to award the best youtube channels. My favorite youtube channels, raw fishing. Raw fishing, has a great channel.

Speaker 5:42:09It's run by a guy named frank when he has a couple of ponds in his backyard in Florida. He has a nice school of Obama and redtail. Catfish. Definitely check out his channel. Blake's exotic animal arena. She says a new channel for me. I just became a fan of the channel he has toward issues and fish. He has a lot of animal, actually tortoise's fish, pigs go ducks and birds and all kinds of reptiles. Very cool. Youtube channel, and I'm a big fan of this channel, so definitely check it out. Look Dombroski another Florida Youtube Burger that I. I really enjoy watching his videos. I really recommend checking out Luke Dombroski. You've got multiple pines and you keep some nice monster fish like poc who read cat catfish and other fish of that sort. You'll also have the community aquarium that I think you're gonna like Paul Keira fierro with another fee where you do remind you deserve to be a youtube champion.

Speaker 5:43:18Massive aquariums, micromasters grady's from the state that I live in. I've been a subscriber of his channel for many, many years and I definitely recommend people to subscribe to him. Last but not least, aquarium, Co hop, those are my youtube champions. The best tropical fish keeping. You've got channels again, raw fishing, blake's exotic animal ranch, Luke Dombroski, political pharaoh, massive aquariums, and if we're in coal off now, my favorite facebook fish keeping groups are aquarist worldwide fish and aquarium discussion group. Golden kings ensue theists. Of the aquatic fish species, greater Houston Aquarium Club society and freshwater fish in a query of discussion group. I'm a member of so many groups that I love and appreciate all of them. I alice carded. Now we would like to say thank you to all these fish keeping groups that allow me to promote my show and thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Speaker 5:44:39It helps build the aquarium hobby and bring fish keepers together and I'm glad to be able to do my show and share with all you wonderful fish keepers in these wonderful facebook group. Thank you very much everyone. Now I'm going to talk about building an indoor goldfish or tropical fish pond. Had a bill today, indoor goldfish or tropical fish pond purchase, a rubber made stock tank. The rural made stock kings come in 50 gallons. One hundred gallons, 150 gallons, 300 gallons, etc. These are perfect to hold water and either a perfect indoor ponds that you can have in your house or wherever you live. Pick a spoT that can hold this heavy stock tank filled with water. Remember, it's going to be a heavy stock tank. This gave you filled to the top of water so it should be placed somewhere strong, maybe a breezeway or a basement that is heated during the winter.

Speaker 5:45:46Now, once you purchase the stock tank, fill up with water, add your filters and other equipment as you're going to be using. You're going to add prime to speed up the cycle. Let the stock tank cycle for a few days before you add any fish to a begin adding fish slowly a few amount of time. Now when you're taking your stock take or aka indoor pint is cycling, then it's a time to start thinking about what you're going to put in your tank. Are you going to have goldfish in normal pine fish or are you going to go tropical fish and go with some of the monster species like poc who oscars and red tails begin adding tropical fish slowly, a few at a time, or I don't want to add too many at once. A few at a time. She was colorful fish such as ship bumpkins reading way comments, redcap orient those right? You can just cetera. If you live in a warm climate or a heated area like Florida, you can keep bigger fish like oscars and others in it. When I move, I'm definitely going to be getting a indoor pint and I'm definitely going to have a redtail catfish and a poc who once again, so that is how you can build an indoor goldfish or tropical fish pond. It's simple like that. It's just like setting up an aquarium except you're using a rubber me stock tank now. Are you ready for some labs?

Speaker 9:47:25There has been some awesome tropical fish action cellphone. Let's take a break for some culminate.

Speaker 10:47:31The question is will you laugh also? He has some robots singing tropical fish songs. Wait a minute, I take that jogging. I white beard dow. I went thrown into beer and beer.

Speaker 11:47:47Wait a minute. That was the wedding. Oh, almost a bunny rabbit. I love you. Oh, I hate that weapon.

Speaker 10:47:54Ashish. Peter griffin. Family guy. Does show is brought to you in living color when nba shay. Wait a minute, joe. I think it's still wrong. Network.

Speaker 11:48:04Hi, this is your fandom. Porky. Nice to meet you. Nice to me. Happy after the meeting meeting. Hello? Uh, but the other thing, the thing that's all folks

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Speaker 10:49:23Sure. You've got to buy a cookie this time.

Speaker 11:49:26Oh, I better just stick with a sample. I'm so bad, but at least I know I'm bad, so that makes me a little less bad

Speaker 10:49:33or worse. That was the right thing to deal. Peter. Well, you stole it. Brian. You're interfering with my professional business. Was the radio call you okay? no, I don't feel so good. We should probably exchange numbers. I'm a 10 euro fall. All right. Jesus. Nowadays everything is done on the internet. all right, so we got to get you on facebook. Let me just close a couple of these windows. Here we go. Sorry. I was up late last night and the house to my shelf. Sorry. Carry pld stuff. Yeah, I like to pretend it's mine down near what's doing all a slapping. How old is that girl? Excuse me. Why don't you anya? I still don't get why you want to see this house. The foundation is totally out of whack. I mean the whole house is slanting down to that cliff over there.

Speaker 11:50:36Can you open the sliding?

Speaker 8:50:47I'll take it.

Speaker 11:50:49Who's hungry?

Speaker 10:50:52Hey kids. Would you like a terrible healthy sandwich? No. True bad because you're recently divorced. Mom has a crush on her trainer and he eats like this, so now you have to to almond butter and no sugar added fruit preserves just like pb and j, but with more of your mom. Rayland. This guy. I named myself. Kaya,

Speaker 11:51:13you guys. I don't care what we do for my birthday as long as it lasts the whole week and it's very expensive and inconvenient for all my friends. Oh, and I'm going to dress like a slut and be rude to everyone for no reason. But maya, I don't care that your dad's dying. we're all going to montreal for the week.

Speaker 10:51:28Trying to get back to cohort. If you want, I can take you as far as the bus station, you can. Oh, thank you so much. That is the nicest thing anyone's done fRom agents. my kids gave me that father's day gift.

Speaker 11:51:39Oh look, a tie. Perfect.

Speaker 12:51:45It's from all of us. Uncomfortably hot. 18 year old girls.

Speaker 11:51:50Honey, where are you off to do the car wash? To raise money for a new soccer uniforms. Okay. Have fun.

Speaker 12:51:57Nickelodeon. Casually asked your daughter, what's that girl's name is. Then take your laptop into the bathroom.

Speaker 10:52:03Lowish cookie, sugar spice. Cinnamon brown, sugar and butter. oh, hey, butter. Some guys like buddy.

Speaker 12:52:12Yeah. Yeah. A fellow fish freaks. It's time. Each time. Fellow fish freaks. Eight fellow fish freaks. Begin straight out the big dungeons of rap. The barracuda drops deep as does my goldfish. I never swimming because swimming is the listener of swish. Beyond the walls of fish, life is defined. I think of tropical fish when I'm in an aquarium state of mind. Hope the fish got some swish my wish. Don't like no dirty jellyfish. Run up to the cat fishing and get the dish in an aquarium state of mind. What more could you ask for the small barracuda? You complain about doing water changes. I goT a loaded though. Somebody still speaks for the gorilla. I'm rapping to the crayfish and I'm going to move your may fish. large, slippery. Curious. Like a seamless. Boy. I tell you, I thought you were a rebus. I can't take the doing water changes can take the catfish. I would have tried to eating. I guess I ain't got no wish. I'm wrapping up to the may fish and I'm gonna. Move your crayfish. Yay. Yes. In an aquarium state of mind, when I was young, my listener had a good ruda. I was kicked out without no buddha. I never thought I'd see that bermuda ain't a soul and live that could take my listeners who know allowed bike is quite the bike. Thinking of tropical fish. Yes. Thinking of tropical fish. Tropical fish.

Speaker 5:53:53well, it's late august and labor day is coming up, so it's the perfect time for a summer vacation. I know many of you are probably preventing a final summer vacation, but what do you do with your tropical fish while you're on vacation? That's what I want to talk about right now. The time is drawing near and you suddenly realize, what the heck am I going to do about the inquiry? Um, and fish care. Who's going to feed the fish? What do I need to get my fish tank ready before I leave on my trip? There are several things to keep in mind and I'll try to help you get things in order before you leave so you can have a stress free and relaxing vacation. Now we're not worrying about your fish and your aquarium. What about feeding the fish? Fish can go for several weeks who felt food?

Speaker 5:54:50Some believe dick. You can even go for three or more weeks. Yes, this is true. Believe it or not, in your official, be fine while you're away. Your take maybe even look clear when you get home from vacation, since you're should be less waste in the water from the lack of fish food and covering the aquarium and less waste being produced from fish eating the fish food. If you just can't stand the thought of your fish night eating for the amount of time you'll be gone. Invest in an automatic fish feeder. Fish. Food dispensers are relatively inexpensive and they can actually be put into full time youth. Even when you are home, you could fill them up with a mix of tropical fish, lakes, or other flake repel of foods depending on the fish you keep, and it should be several weeks before you need to refill the food container.

Speaker 5:55:47Most are fully adjustable. You grew release as little or as much food as allowed, operate on batteries, and it easily attaches to the top of your aquarium. Another option is to use one of those plastic pill bottles that are composed, the small boxes corresponding to the day of the week you put in the amount of food that these container that you'd like for your friend, family, member or neighbor to give to your fish, and then you don't have to worry about them overfeeding and polluting the aquarium water. Try to do a partial water change before you leave. For reiki, this accomplishes a couple of things. The fish will get some good clean water, which should lower their stress levels and it should help keep them healthy in your absence. This also gets the water level topped off, so you may not have to worry about a low water or willing to tank, but depends on the rate of evaporation.

Speaker 5:56:46Of course, reach saudi aquarium, filter media or replace half of it. A clogged filter should impose a problem. Since many filters, especially power filters have an alternate path for the larger return to the tank. Should the filter become clogged, you may be concerned about what can we do with the aquarium lighting wire gone? Should I leave it on or leave it off? It's there is a very simple solution here. The inquiry of lighting could easily be turned on and off automatically using the query them like timer. If you're keeping fresh water plants that are salt water corals in a reef tank or macro algae refugium, you really should have a lifetime or anyway to that. Planets in corals receive adequate amounts of aquarium way now, awkward the advice. If you don't have a timer, you simply just leave the lights off. Make sure you give your fish center a phone number to reach you at while on vacation, just in case of an emergency with your faith or tank, a leak could develop the heater, could stick in the eye position, leading a rise in temperature.

Speaker 5:58:07The automatic water top pa system could stick in the odd position, et cetera. Remember, murphy's law here, whatever can go wrong will go wrong at the worst possible time, so right gao, slow a small list of task you'd like for them to do. Keep it short and don't put anything that is not absolutely essential. Here is a sample of delirium list of things you could ask your fish fitter to take care of feeding fish directly from the dea slot in the pill box just at a mountain and no more. Please look at the temperature of the tank and if it's above 84 degrees fahrenheit, call me quickly. Look around the base of the taking on the floor in the immediate vicinity and inspect for leaking tank water. Dump out the contents of the protein skimmer collection. Cop saw large tanks only in fake, deficient in her over for a day or two before you leave and walk them through your list.

Speaker 5:59:12Show them exactly how to do the various task. We don't expect them to know what a protein skimmer collection is or looks like. Show them exactly how to put the food in the water and exactly how to empty the coercion, cub, etc. What if I don't have someone to come over? If you're only going to be away for a week, your fish, you'd be fine with so food. As mentioned above, if you ever saw water aquarium, you may need to adjust a skimmer coaliltion carb, so then it doesn't make much sense. You won't be there to empty it. If you're going to be away for a longer period of time than say two weeks, you will be risking it and not having someone come over. This is from a water reparation and feeding standpoint, although your fish will be okay from a food standpoint, you're take one or may not be in the best shape after two weeks and thought your care. So plan ahead, take proper precautions and show the fish sooner, exactly what needs to be done and a rest assure easy knowing that your future will be fine. That is how you can go on a trip and have fun and be worry free about your aquarium.

Speaker 6:60:28Let's take a quick music break to relax our minds and get us ready for some more tropical fish. Action. We are going to begin with the 2018 theme song. Move it to the music by across the nation, followed by with arms wide open by creed, and concluded with the aquatic lamb. Twenty 18 closing theme. Give me the green light by pit bull and flo rida. So give me the green light because I'm ready to go. Here goes the music.

Speaker 3:60:58Yeah,

Speaker 13:68:04better

Speaker 14:68:16everybody. Give me your money. You know what time it is?

Speaker 15:68:30Give me the green light because I'm ready to go. The sign of a good time. You only got one life to live it. So give me the green light

Speaker 16:68:45because I'm ready to pay

Speaker 14:69:08on what that mean. Jumping between them getting finished painting. I got older women now I get the green light.

Speaker 15:69:37Give me the green light because I'm ready to go. We only got one life. Live it

Speaker 16:70:01the turn green. Give me what I missed. The transport costs, the cleanest, greenest. Never seen this. I have a dream. This turn around.

Speaker 15:70:43Hey, give me the green light because I'm ready to go. Have a good time. Once you info, you only got one

Speaker 14:71:17red light, green light, red light, green light.

Speaker 5:72:19So now I'm going to share my thoughts on hybrid fish. There's a lot of hybrid fish in the aquarium hobby and including hybrid african sequins, hybrid flower horns, blood period, sequins, and even hybrid catfish. No, many years ago I would tell you that I'm not a fan of hybrid fish because there are manmade and natural. However, I've kind of changed my opinion, a high hybrid fish because some of them are actually quite beautiful. I liked some of the flower warns that are out there. I loved the blood parents that are out there and I loved the redtail. Catfish tiger. Someone knows hybrids that are out there now. Of course they don't want curry nature, but it's just like having a hybrid dog or a mud dog. You learn to love them and you learn to watch them grow and raise them as, as if they were a natural brie.

Speaker 5:73:29I liked that. So the flower horns have intense coloration. The other fish do not have. Um, I also love that they have that little hump on your head that grows as deficient, mature. Now some of these fish get a massively, um, another, um, like a medium size sick with home. I don't like the massive size ones because I think it makes them look weak. But I liked the medium size ones. So to wrap it up my socks on hybrid fish if they belong in the aquarium hobby because they are not being taken from nature. Those are my thoughts on hybrid fish. And will I one day have a flower horn? Maybe? Will I one day have a blood pair or group of a player? It's, yes. I've had them before and I plan on having them again and I definitely will have a reggio cat times tiger

Speaker 7:74:33accomplished, which can lead to high levels of your tropical fish of tropical fresh water, fish and bread, while 50 percent of the profit fresh water fish or wild caught wild salt water tropical fish has shifted or bred fish eating wild caught fish. Fish aquarium is false. This is not true. This will continue to grow in a sketch in a small aquarium. They will become stuNted for assault and lead to a sore.

Speaker 5:75:42No. It's time for me. The event,

Speaker 5:76:12our main topic, tropical fish from a native to the United States of America. I'm going to go over some of the fish that are native to this country and are found in abundance. And have you ever wondered what fish are native to the United States of America? Find out right now. It will be difficult for me to mention every single fish from the United States through America, but I'm going to mention a lot of species, bullhead, catfish, the three common types of bullhead. Kathy, she found in the water. So do not estates are the black boy, the brown bullhead and the yellow bullhead women. She's a bullhead catfish, are natively distributed east, the north american continental divide from their western most point in central Montana self, the Texas in streams of the gulf of Mexico and atlantic coast, north to new brunswick and quebec, ontario, mine, toba, and sasquatch in bullheads live in a variety of habitats including brackish and or low oxygen ponds, rivers and lakes. Although they are seldom stock intentionally, they are bottom feeders in virtually anything edible including dead fish, insects, other fish, green fruit, crayfish, and more.

Speaker 5:77:49So that's the bullhead catfish. That is our first fish. We talked about the one of the fish that lives in America, large males fast, the large melos bath use to state fish of Georgia, Mississippi, and Indiana to stay fresh. Water fish or Florida and Alabama, and the state sport fish of Tennessee. The large mouth bass and olive green fish in the north east is most often has a greenish gray color marked by a series of dark, sometimes black botches forming a jaggy horizontal stripe along each flank. Small melos bass is from America, black crappie, bluegills and sunfish minnows, shad, shriners kili, face shrubs, channel catfish, mosquito fish, crayfish, hog soccer's lake sturgeon, muskies, northern pikes, perch, walleye, bowfins. And last but not least, my favorite american fish, the gars usa is home to the following guard species, alligator gar spotted gars, longnose, gars, short nose guards, and Florida gars.

Speaker 5:79:18I'm going to do a monster fish show on guards. Very film. These are all the fish that are native to United States of America. Like I said earlier, there are plenty of other species native to usa, but it would take me hours for me to discuss them all. And in the future I'm going to have an entire episode dedicated to native fish of America. Invasive fish of the United States. Snakeheads asian carp walk in catfish. Oscar's talapia nile perch in Florida. Agent swamp eel snake heads. Clown fish, peacock bass jaguey or sic led's might. It's in red devil sic led's. My insect goes, oscar's walking catfish. So really end in salt water line fish. Well, we have reached the end of the first annual was really, um, I really hope that you enjoyed your show. Special thanks to donovan barger for being a wonderful guest tonight. Thank you so much for being on here and having some fun with us.

Speaker 5:80:34Fridge key birds. I want to say thank you to all of you for listening and I hope you enjoyed this show and if you enjoy the show, please feel free to share it on social media with your friends and your family. Also, please feel free to leave a review on our facebook page, the aquarium network. We will review on itunes, stitcher, and our other podcast platforms. Your review helps your aquarium hobbyist podcast, so don't feel afraid to leave a review, leave your honest thoughts on the podcast. It only helps aquarium obvious podcast. With that being said, I'll see you next year, next summer for the next aqua, selenium. Until next time, I'll see you on another episode of aquarium hobbyist podcast. Enjoy the aquarium hobby, figure fisher great diet and enjoy keeping tropical fish thing. Vicky very much and have a great rest of your day.

Speaker 14:81:40Everybody take a give me everything that you get, money. You know what time it is.

Speaker 15:81:55Give me the green light because I'm ready to go. Time You

Speaker 3:82:02have been listening to aqua on the aquarium. Hobby was five cats. Come swimming back to the next episode for more tropical fish. Chat and information on keeping your fish are happy and healthy. Checkout alex following social media platforms. Facebook under the name of alex cardinality, twitter at allergan, youtube channel, exotic monster, fish keeper. Nineteen 93. Instagram. So real. Alex.

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