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Happy 25th Birthday Aqua Alex!
August 15, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Your host of Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast, Aqua Alex Cardinale turns 25 years old today!! Aqua Alex is a quarter of a century now! I invite you to come celebrate my 25th birthday with me here on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast! I am having an awesome birthday, but I figured to make it that much better I would do a show for all of my listeners! Thank you everyone for the birthday love. THANK YOU EVERYONE ON FACEBOOK WHO SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THANKS TO THE FACEBOOK FISH GROUPS FOR SHOUTING ME OUT, AND THANKS TO THE LISTENERS FOR WISHING ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Planned for this birthday show: ~ Aqua Alex's Birthday Wishes ~ New Fish Purchased for my Birthday ~ My favorite songs GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WHO ARE DEAF OR PREFER TRANSCRIPTS, AQUARIUM HOBBYIST PODCAST EPISODES ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN TRANSCRIPTS! FIND OUT HOW ONE MACHINE CAN ELECTRONICALLY DO A WATER CHANGE FOR YOU!!! FIND OUT THE BENEFITS OF THE AQUAPLENISH ELECTRONIC WATER CHANGER AT: GET $20 off and FREE SHIPPING by using the discount code AquaAlex2018

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:00This episode of Aquarium Hobbyist podcast with Aqua Alex is brought to you by hack, replenishes the first electronic water change system, providing fish capers with easier water changes. Check them out at www dot [inaudible] dot com. For More Info,

Speaker 2:0:18you are listening to the Aquarium Hobbyist podcast with the Aqua Alex on the aquarium hobbyist podcast. Any and everything, tropical fish and aquariums will be discussed from fresh water to salt water clown fish, aqua. Alex, has you covered what tropical fish topic is up for discussion today? Let's find out aquatics. Take it away

Speaker 3:1:34right here in Springfield, mass today. Why today? I celebrate my 25th birthday. So today's my birthday. So happy birthday to me. We're going to celebrate my birthday year on aquarium, obvious podcasts with this little special episode that I have in store for you. I'm having a great day so far and are very excited because I got a new finish on my birthday today. I picked up a political risk and we end Lee, which is my favorite from Africa. So now I'm the proud owner of three biker's biker. I've got to end. We and we and an old vinyl Senegal biker, which is pretty big, he's about four and a half inches, followed fat fish, but a very nice fit. As many as you guys know I love and I'm going to have multiple shows on different species here on aquarium hobbyist podcast, Lakers like I do. The show is going to be great for you to show I'm talking about is of hobbyists, podcasts because I'm going to be doing multiple to lift the risks. Show me sweat. Anyway, today we're going to celebrate my birthday, my 25th birthday. I turned a corner over century today. Wishes incredible time flies fly.

Speaker 3:3:21So I would like to begin by saying thank you for all the birthday logs that I think getting. I have over 30 people on facebook who have wished me a happy birthday. I have people in facebook groups wishing me a happy birthday. I have forms wishing me happy birthday and I've got listeners emailing me, telling me happy birthday. I want to say thank you to everyone for the birthday was. It means a lot to me. Thank you for the birthday wishes as a cue for your support, so thank you for listening to my episodes. Thank you for listening to the Aquarium Hobby at podcast and thank you for being a listener to this show. I really appreciate every single one of you. I really love my audience and I appreciate you taking your time to contact me. You taking your time to listen to my shows and everything that you do so as tradition with birthdays, you know people have birthday wishes.

Speaker 3:4:36I've got three birthday wishes that I'm going to share with all of you. My first birthday, which is I want to query them hobbyist podcast to become one of the best aquarium podcasts. I want to query them hobbyists podcast to provide the aquarium hobby with fun tropical fish entertainment. So let's next year I'm going to do my best to make sure I'm providing informal, entertaining tropical fish shows for all of you minority. I want you to make this the best show possible. I want you to make this one of the best podcasts that are out there, so I want to see some significant growth over the next year to your query them hobbyists podcast. My next birthday wish is for all of you to assist keepers. I want everyone to grow happy and healthy. I want you to have some epics, tropical fish stains, your best fish pictures to my facebook page.

Speaker 3:5:54The aquarium network and your face will be featured as the main image, so again, to my bookcase or aquarium network will be featured as the main image of one of our shows. And my last birthday wish is cheaper. Helping could be by entering questions in facebook groups. I see a lot of questions that are posted on the facebook groups so you can help by answering three questions now. You could also help tropical fish hobbyist run stores by purchasing fish, food, fish equipment, and old mom and pop tropical fish and pet stores. You could also help fish keepers in your area by seeing what they have for sale. There's a lot of breeders have comfortable seats around the country in the world. So check your local classified to see if they're selling sage and maybe you'll be interested in the fish that they have. Also been held fish, jeepers, by, um, giving them helpful information and helping them succeed in your aquarium hobby.

Speaker 3:7:30You get what I'm saying? But that's my three birthday wishes for a queer rhythm, hobbyist podcasts and the entire aquarium hobby. So right now I want to tell you some of my presence that I got for my birthday. Some of them I got a couple of weeks ago in August, first and those horse, I got one space today that I mentioned earlier on in this show. So on August first I took the trip to Connecticut to visit one of my favorite fish doors. It's about 45 minutes away from me and it's a great store, but they are in Connecticut. So operations are kind of expensive. There are a lot more than I'm used to spending, but let me tell you, it is worth the trip. I enjoy decrypt to emonds and I enjoyed going up there. Anyway, I purchased a small juvenile marijuana. You guys know that.

Speaker 3:8:32I love Erawan us. So I'm going to be excited and I'm happy because I get you raise and silver Arrow Awana again. This time I get to raise a juvenile to adult size. So I'm very excited about that. I bought a four inch silver marijuana from there. I also from your and I also got a large common in a rock. So from her a large about eight inches it today. I got to end we and we slipped rich biker. So I tried an awesome day and I'm very happy to be upset and I'm very happy to be 25 years old. So it's been an awesome birthday so far. But I figured making birthday birthday celebration here on the aquarium hobby as well. That's our show for today. I'm going to end the show by saying Jq 25 show with some of my favorites. So with that, thank you for listening and I'll see you on the next episode.

Speaker 4:10:17Fast. So rather than less money, you know what time it is.

Speaker 5:10:24Give me the green light because I'm ready to go. So give me the green light. Ready to go.

Speaker 4:11:04I'm, I got to key in on what are we going to say? Something between them getting into finished, finished the roof in this thing. I got out of women feeling like, now I get the green right for you to give me the green light.

Speaker 5:11:31Give me the green light because I'm ready to go. Have a good time. Why don't you wait and you only got one life to live it. So give me the green light. I'm ready.

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Speaker 4:13:11Red Light, green light, red light, green light

Speaker 5:13:33go.

Speaker 4:17:13You have been listening to on the Aquarium Hobbyist podcast. Come swimming back to the next episode for more tropical fish, jet and information on keeping your fishing happy. And healthy checkout on the following, social media platforms, facebook, Alex, cardinality, twitter, youtube channel, exotic monster, fish keeper, 1993. And instagram. So real. Alex, cardinality.

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