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Exotic Aquatics on AHP: Acclimating NEW Tropical Fish
June 22, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Let's face it! One of the most exciting times as a fish keeper is purchasing new fish! Getting new tropical fish is one of those feel good moments as a fish keeper. Whether your getting fish online, at your local fish store, or your pet store it's always fun to come home with a new fish. I love buying tropical fish in fact personally speaking I can say that it is one of the things I love about the aquarium hobby. What are some tips for purchasing fish? I am going to give you some wonderful informal tips so that you leave the store with healthy tropical fish. We want our new fish to adjust to their aquariums safely and properly. We do this by acclimation. What is acclimation? Acclimation is the process where an aquatic animal is slowly introduced to new aquarium water. Find out how to safely acclimate new fish and the 3 methods! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Tips for Purchasing Tropical Fish ~ The 3 Methods of Acclimation ~ Things to Look out for with New Fish in your Aquarium Aquaplenish provides an easier way to do water changes and allows you to add pre-treated clean water to your aquarium during a water change. You can also QT new fish and more! GET $20 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING BY USING THE COUPON CODE: AquaAlex2018
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