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Exotic Aquatics on AHP: Saltwater 101 Intro to Saltwater
June 16, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Saltwater aquariums are sure beauties! They are the crown jewels of the aquarium hobby! From beautiful fish like yellow tangs, blue hippo tangs, clown fish to lionfish and corals. Saltwater offers something for everyone! With three different systems, saltwater provides different choices with a wide selection of tropical fish and inverts. Fish Only, Fish Only with Live Rock, and Reef systems are the different saltwater aquarium set ups. Welcome to Saltwater 101 here on Exotic Aquatics on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast! I will be discussing any and everything saltwater! On our debut episode, I am going to be introducing you to Saltwater!! Find out everything you need to know about Saltwater! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Transferring from Freshwater to Saltwater ~ Things to Know about Saltwater ~ Saltwater Equipment Enjoy the show! Thanks for listening! NEED TO PRE-TREAT YOUR AQUARIUM WATER? WANT TO HAVE FUN DOING WATER CHANGES? CHECK OUT THE AQUA PLENISH ELECTRONIC WATER CHANGER!!! GET $20 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING BY USING THE DISCOUNT CODE:AquaAlex2018
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