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On the Case w/AC: Springfield Massachusetts Page BLVD Murders
June 13, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
On the Case with Alex Cardinale is back! Alex will be breaking down and discussing crimes on Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast. This is going to be one of few NON fish keeping shows! (NOT RELATED TO TROPICAL FISH). If you love to hear about crime, this show is for you. In my area recently there has been a BIG crime scene on Page BLVD in Springfield MA. Three dead bodies were pulled from the scene and their deaths are being ruled as homicides. The suspected suspect is Stewart Weldon who was arrested 3 days prior to the dead bodies being found. He was arrested for operating a vehicle with no tail light. He had a female kid nap victim in the back seat who had been raped, abused, and beaten. This is a very creepy case! Find out more about what has been going on in Springfield MA as of late May 2018!
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