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AHP Fish of the Week June 12: Black Banded Leporinus (Leporinus Fasciatus)
June 12, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
This week's fish of the week is a large growing tetra from South America. It is a large growing bumble bee colored and striped tropical fish that is popular with fish keepers who keep large growing semi aggressive fish! The fish of the week is the Black Banded Leporinus! The bumble bee of the freshwater hobby, this fish has the reputation of being a fin nipper which is like stinging to other tropical fish. The Black Banded Leporinus grows to about 8-12'' in the Aquarium Hobby and can be kept in a group or kept singly. They are a very hardy fish and will eat just about anything. Find out how to keep and care for the Black Banded Leporinus (Leporinus Fasciatus) on this week's fish of the week!!!!!!!!! Want to have fun doing water changes? Want to experience an innovative machine that allows you to pre-treat new aquarium water, add a boost to your gravel vaccum, and even help acclimate new fish? Check out the Aqua Plenish Electronic Water Changer!!!!! GET $20 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING BY USING THE DISCOUNT CODE: AquaAlex2018
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