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Oscar Cichlid Lounge: Tankmates for Oscar Cichlids
June 06, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
On this episode of the Oscar Cichlid Lounge, I am going to talk about tankmates that can live with oscar cichlid fish. Oscar cichlid keepers can expect to learn about every and anything tank mates when it comes to oscar cichlids! Learn about the fish to avoid keeping with oscars, learn what non cichlid fish make great tank mates and much more! Have you always wondered what other fish you can put in with your oscars? I, Oscar Alex have had plenty of oscars and have plenty of success keeping oscars with other fish! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Things to Know about keeping Oscars with Other Fish ~ Best NON Cichlid tankmates/ Other fish that can live with Oscars ~ Best Cichlid Tankmates ~ Tankmates with Caution Oscar cichlids are messy fish! That means we oscar cichlid keeper's need to do a lot of water changes. Want to make water changes fun? The AquaPlenish Electronic water changer adds a power boost to your gravel vaccum, allows you to pre-treat new aquarium water and transfer fresh clean water to your aquarium! It also has many other features including QT new fish and acclimation!!! Pick up an innovative aquaplenish water changer today!! GET $20 OFF AND FREE SHIPPING BY USING THE DISCOUNT CODE: AquaAlex2018
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