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AHP Fish of the Week May 28: Clown Knifefish Chitala Ornata
May 28, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
This week's (May 28th- June 3, 2018) fish of the week is the Clown Knifefish (Chitala Ornata). Clown Knifefish are a cool predatory monster oddball fish! They are one of my favorite oddball fish because of their unique personality. I love the way that clown knifefish swim! Their swimming style is reminiscent of a clown! Clown Knife Fish are from South Asia and can be found in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and other parts of South Asia! They can grow to 36'' and are omnivorous!!! Find out more about Clown Knife Fish on this Podcast Tropical Fish Profile on Clown Knifefish! Enjoy the show and love clown knifes! LOOKING FOR AN EASIER WAY TO DO WATER CHANGES?? WANT TO EASILY PRE-TREAT AQUARIUM WATER? CHECK OUT AQUAPLENISH AND MAKE WATER CHANGES EASIER!!! GET $20 OFF YOUR AQUAPLENISH WATER CHANGE SYSTEM AND FREE SHIPPING BY USING THE DISCOUNT CODE: AquaAlex2018
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