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Life Changes By Sara Chunglo: Races, Spring, Sleep & Energy
May 11, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Sara Chunglo is proud to host another episode of Life Changes By Sara on the Alex Cardinale Show. Today, Sara has a variety of topics that she is going to discuss. All of these topics that she will be discussing are important and will be a beneficial listen for you. Be sure to check out the first few episodes of Life Changes by Sara Chunglo by going to Have you ever wanted to run a marathon/race? Have you ever wondered what activities you can do outside in the Spring? Why is sleep important? Sara will answer all of those questions on this show! On the Agenda: ~ Discussion on Races ~ Discussion on Spring Exercise and Activities ~ Discussion On Sleep and Energy Enjoy the show and thanks for the listen!! Life Changes By Sara Chunglo on the Alex Cardinale Show WILL BE STAYING when A.C. Network switches to Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast.
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