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On the Stove- Chef Alex FAREWELL!
May 09, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
A.C. Network is retiring on May 15th! I have also decided that my cooking show On the Stove and my baking show In the Oven will be retiring as well! I have done pretty much everything there is to do with cooking and baking podcasts. For the holidays only, I will do a few cooking and baking specials so at least cooking, baking, and food lovers have that to wait for. To give a great farewell and to retire on the best way possible, I have given you ALL OF MY BEST AND GREATEST RECIPES! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THESE RECIPES! THEY ARE ON THIS SHOW FOR A REASON!!! TRY THEM AND LET ME KNOW HOW THEY ARE! EMAIL ME A PICTURE OF THE PRODUCT OR SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS! RECIPES on this show: Chicken Parm Tomato Sauce Chicken Marsala Red Velvet Cake Cannoli Pie AND MORE!!! Enjoy the show and thanks for listening.
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