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Exotic Aquatics Monster Fish Keepers: All about Arowanas
May 08, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Coming from four parts of the world, the Arowana is a majestic monster fish. Often called Water Monkeys because of their ability to jump out of the water onto branches to eat insects and other small animals. Arowanas are also called dragon fish because their scales resemble those of a dragon!!! Arowanas are said to bring luck to their owners and are very popular in Asian culture. Arowanas can grow anywhere from 2 feet up to 4 feet! Silver Arowanas, Black Arowanas, Jardini Arowanas, African Arowanas, and Asian Arowanas are true bony tongues and are in the same family of the MONSTER ARAPAIMA! Aqua Alex discusses his favorite monster fish, the Arowana! On the show: ~ Find out about Aqua Alex's Silver Arowana ~ Things to Know about Arowanas ~ Information on Silver Arowanas, Black Arowanas, Jardini, African, and Asian ~ What is Drop Eye? Enjoy the show!!!! DON'T FORGET NEXT TUESDAY MAY 15TH, 2018 AQUARIUM HOBBYIST PODCAST DEBUTS!
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