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Oscar Cichlid Lounge: Interview with Oscar Lover Robert Schmidt
May 05, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
It's time to chat about Oscar Cichlid fish with another fellow Oscar cichlid fish lover! For the first time ever, I welcome an Oscar cichlid keeper to the Oscar Cichlid Lounge. Oscar cichlids are loved by many fish keepers from all around the United States and World. All Oscars and Keepers are welcomed to the lounge. On this episode, the Oscar Cichlid lounge opens up to Oscar Cichlid Keeper Robert Schmidt from Idaho! Robert has been keeping fish for many years and has kept Oscars for a very long time and has quickly formed a bond with Oscars. Robert currently has some wild caught Oscars which he got from Jeff Rapps and some big tiger and red oscars. What will he have to say about Oscar cichlids? Find out what Robert has to say about Oscars. Topics include how he got into the hobby, how he got into Oscar cichlids, live feedings, and more!!!! MAY 15TH AQUARIUM HOBBYIST PODCAST LAUNCHES AND DEBUTS!
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