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Alex Cardinale Show: Pastor David Morton Interview
April 28, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
I am very honored and privileged to have a very special guest on the Alex Cardinale Show today! Our guest is a good friend of mine. He lives in Canada and is a good, kind hearted man with a lot of personality and a good heart. David Morton is a tropical fish keeper, a excellent griller and cook, but for today we are talking about David's career. David is a Pastor. He has roles in Weddings, Funerals, church masses, and more! Today I will be interviewing Pastor David Morton . We will find out what life is like as a pastor and Christianity. Plus find out about Weddings and Funerals. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Find out who David Morton is! ~ What does he do as a Pastor? ~ Role At Weddings ~ David's Wedding Stories ~ Role at Funerals ~ David's Funeral Stories AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to David for being a guest on the show and discussing his career as a pastor. Enjoy the show! DON'T FORGET MAY 15TH AC NETWORK TRANSFORMS INTO AQUARIUM HOBBYIST PODCAST! I WILL BE DOING MOSTLY FISH SHOWS BUT ON THE CASE, IN THE RING, AND ALEX CARDINALE SHOW WILL AIR ON OCCASION.
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