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Alex Cardinale Show: Willy Hannaford on Move from USA to Philippines
April 23, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
On this special episode of the Alex Cardinale Show I interview a friend of mine who moved from Sumter South Carolina (USA) to Manila (Philippines) to be with a woman of his dreams whom he met online. Though it was a difficult decision, he decided to leave behind his family and dog to meet the woman of his dreams. It is something that you don't see everyday, it is truly something out of the ordinary and unique. He is a true friend of mine for over 4 years and has been a fish keeper and a fellow podcast host over the years. Our special guest of honor for this episode is Willy Stoneman Hannaford coming to us from Manila, Philippines!!! This will mark the first time in over 2 years that Willy will be on a podcast. Willy will talk to us about his move to Philippines and why he moved to Philippines! Planned for the show: ~ Why Willy Moved to Philippines ~ What life is like in Philippines AND MORE!!!! THIS MARKS THE FIRST TIME THAT WILLY WILL BE ON A PODCAST FROM HIS HOME IN PHILIPPINES!
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