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Alex Cardinale SAYS THANK YOU FOR 5,000 LISTENS!
April 22, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Today I logged onto my Buzzsprout account and went to my stats section and saw that I have reached 5,000 listens!!!! YES THAT'S RIGHT 5,000 LISTENS! Nine months in 111 episodes in I can finally say that A.C. Network has 5,000 listens!! With out all of you the listeners, I would NOT be at 5,000!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR LOVE, YOUR SUPPORT, AND YOUR LISTEN! I really appreciate your listen and your support and it means a lot to me. To celebrate 5,000 listens I have put together a make shift celebration that is just for YOU the listeners of A.C. Network. I deliver a heart felt message and play music for you! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ My Heart Felt Message to you my Listeners ~ Songs for Celebration: Celebration Kool and the Gang Thank You Dido Ain't No Grave Johnny Cash God Will Cut You Down Johnny Cash THANK YOU LISTENERS FOR HELPING AC NETWORK REACH 5,000 LISTENS!
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