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Oscar Cichlid Lounge: Feeding & Tips for Keeping Oscar Cichlids
April 20, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Oscar cichlids are one of the most popular aquarium fish around the world! Oscars bring a lot of personality and spark in any aquarium they call home. One thing Oscars love to do is EAT! Oscar cichlids will eat everything but the kitchen sink. They will eat and eat until they just can't eat anymore! Feeding is one of the biggest aspects of Oscar cichlid fish keeping. Most fish keepers don't realize what a good oscar diet should consist of. Many people feed live goldfish which is a terrible diet for ANY fish! Oscar Lover Alex Cardinale is here to help you provide a great diet for your Oscar cichlid! Need help keeping and raising an Oscar cichlid?! I am here to help!!! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: What I feed my Oscar Cichlids Things to Know about Feeding Oscar Cichlids Best Foods for Oscar Cichlids Why Shrimp, Krill, and Earthworms are great for your Oscar Why goldfish are TERRIBLE for feeding Keeping and Caring for your Oscar cichlid Enjoy the show! If you liked it please share on social media! FISH KEEPER'S, MAY 15TH THE AQUARIUM HOBBYIST PODCAST TAKES OVER!
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