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On the Case: America Under Fire Ep. 4
April 14, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
It's been a while but I'm back on the case. Time for some more crime!!! I bring to you the 4th installment of America Under Fire where I discuss some of the worst Mass Shootings in the United States! This has been quite a successful crime series and this series will be renewed for a new season coming up in the next few months. Mass shootings seem to be unfortunately become common place each year. Together, we have learned about a lot of mass shootings but each episode has taught us that PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE..... PEOPLE OPERATE GUNS! GUNS DON'T OPERATE THEMSELVES! On this episode of America Under Fire, I will be discussing recent Mass Shootings and some more forgotten Mass Shootings!!! Shootings to be discussed Include: ~ Stoneman Douglas High School Parkland Florida 2/14/2018 ~ Rancho Tehama Shootings November 2017 ~Postal Shooting Goleta California 2006 ~ Cascade Mall Shooting ~ Mass Shooter George Banks ~ Hartford Distributor Shooting AND MUCH MORE!!!! Enjoy the show and feel free to share it around!!!!! ON THE CASE IS STAYING! IT IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE WHEN AC NETWORK SWITCHES TO AC AQUARIUM HOBBYIST PODCAST ON MAY 15TH. IT WILL BE ONE OF THE NON FISH KEEPING SHOWS, SO CRIME LOVERS GET READY!
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