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EA Monster Fish Keepers: South American MONSTER Catfish
April 12, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
It's time to talk about the MONSTER CATS! Monster catfish that is! Monster Catfish of the Amazon and South America. Red tail catfish, Piraiba catfish, jau catfish are three of the largest catfish in the world and they come from South America. Many other catfish from South America grow large and can be considered monsters. These catfish include Niger cats, Irwini catfish, shovelnose catfish, and more. The 2 catfish genus on this show are as follows. Pimelodidae- The long whiskered catfish. Doradid ''armored talking catfish.'' Join Aqua Alex as he discusses his favorite Monster catfish from the Amazon! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Shout Out to Luke Dombrowski (copy and paste link below) ~ MONSTER CATFISH SPECIES: Red tail catfish, niger catfish, irwini catfish, tiger shovelnose, and more!!! Enjoy the show! Don't forget to post your Monster catfish in the Exotic Aquatics Facebook group, FISH KEEPER'S ON MAY 15TH AC NETWORK TURNS INTO AQUARIUM HOBBYIST PODCAST.... STAY TUNED FOR MORE FISH SHOWS.
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