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Inside the Ring W/ AC: WWE Wrestlemania 34 POST Review Show
April 11, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
WWE Wrestlemania 34 has come and gone! Wrestlemania 34 was a very exciting event! It had some very unpredictable moments, it had some epic moments, and overall it was a good show. This could easily be one of the best Wrestlemanias in the last few years. A lot of things will come to mind when we think of Wrestlemania 34. Ronda Rousey proving the haters wrong with her awesome in ring debut will be one of them. Undertaker returning and dominating Cena in New Orleans is another! This is the very first Wrestlemania post show on Inside the Ring. I am excited to recap WWE Wrestlemania 34 with all of you the wwe fans! Find out my thoughts on WWE Wrestlemania 34, my review, and more!!! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ How many of my Wrestlemania Predictions did I get right? ~ My thoughts on Wrestlemania 34 ~ The best Match and Moment ~ PLUS other WWE Chat including the Superstar Shake Up and Greatest Royal Rumble Don't forget to join me for my Greatest Royal Rumble Pre-Show Friday April 27th in the morning featuring a preview and predictions for the WWE Network Event and a recap of the WWE Superstar shake up and latest news and rumors!
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