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Oscar Cichlid Lounge: Introduction to Oscar Cichlid Fish
April 03, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Oscar cichlids are a common aquarium fish that hail from South America. They have outstanding personality and are the closet underwater pet to a dog. Oscar cichlids are very popular and have been in the tropical fish keeping hobby for decades. Exotic Aquatics and Aqua Alex proudly present to fish keepers and Oscar cichlid lovers, Oscar Cichlid Lounge where oscar cichlid lovers can rejoice and hear about their love of oscar cichlids! This is going to be a show that will air exclusively here on Exotic Aquatics and the soon to be released Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast. On the inaugural episode, I give to you an introduction to the Oscar Cichlid! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ What to Expect on the Oscar Cichlid Lounge ~ Why I love Oscars ~ Information on Oscar Cichlids ~ Oscar cichlid Stories ~ Why YOU should have an Oscar Cichlid ~ Things you should know about Oscars Enjoy the show fish keepers and happy Oscar Cichlid keeping! FISH KEEPER'S, this podcast channel is switching over to MOSTLY aquarium hobby shows!! ARE YOU READY? May 15th AC Network switches to Aquarium Hobbyist Podcast.
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