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A.C. Network Easter 2018 Food Special
March 29, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Happy Easter to all of you the listeners! I hope you have a great Easter!! With Easter coming up this Sunday, do you know what you are having for Easter dinner? Do you need some ideas for what to make this Easter? Maybe you could use a side dish idea, a main entree idea, or a dessert idea. Chef Alex is here to help you! Chef Alex loves Easter and loves cooking for Easter and so will you. On this special Easter show, Chef Alex presents an Easter food Special packed with plenty of food chat and delicious recipes!! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ What is Prime Rib? ~ Tips for Hosting a Successful Easter Dinner ~ Main Entree Ideas ~ Side Dish Ideas ~ Easter Candy discussion ~ Dessert suggestions RECIPES INCLUDING PRIME RIB, BONELESS PORK ROAST, STUFFED SHELLS, GOLDEN OREOS AND MORE! HAPPY EASTER 2018!
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