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Exotic Aquatics Aquatic Wetline Spoken Aquarium Magazine: March 2018
March 21, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
This is the 5th release of Exotic Aquatics Aquatic Wetline the spoken aquarium podcast magazine! This is an action packed release with plenty of tropical fish chat for every fish keeper who listens to this release of EA AW! March 2018 has an awesome edition of EA AW. It's an action packed month with special treats! Easter is right around the corner! Easter takes place on April 1st which means that as a special gift today will have 2 Fish tips and 2 Topics of the month just for you the fish keepers! A very special lady is the fish keeper of the month! A personable fish is the fish of the month! Amazon is home to many tropical fish! Some of them are unusual and unique! Clown loaches are a popular aquarium fish. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Aqua Alex's Fishy Brainy Tips: Opening Your Pond and Easter gifts for fish keepers ~ Online Fish Store stock lists ~ Fancy Pleco of the Month: L114 Red Fin Sternella Pleco ~ Cichlid of the Month: Chocolate Cichlid ~ Catfish of the Month: Four Lined Pictus ~ Exotic Aquatics Topic of the Month: Unusual South American Creatures and Easter Themed fish ~ Fish Keeper of the month: Susan Core from SLC Aquatics ~ Freshwater Fish of the Month: Clown Loaches Saltwater Fish of the Month: Melanarus Wrasse Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoy the show fish keepers. check out Susan's Youtube channel by copying and pasting the link below:
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