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Inside the Ring W/ AC Wrestle Mania Special- Top 10 WrestleManias
March 20, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
It's Wrestle Mania season!!! The road to Wrestle Mania continues! We are getting closer and closer to the big show, in fact it is less than 3 weeks away! On this road to Wrestle Mania Inside the Ring with Alex Cardinale will be doing many different Wrestle Mania themed episodes of Inside the Ring including top 10's, Wrestle Mania Pre and Post Shows. On this episode, I countdown the Top 10 Wrestle Manias of all time! There are 33 Wrestle Manias and 10 of those 33 are my favorites. Which ones are my favorites and why? Here about Wrestle Manias such as 25, 32, 23, and more! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Top 10 Wrestle Manias Get the full information about these Wrestle Manias. ~ Best Moments from Each Mania Hear some of the best moments with audio clips. ~ Best Matches from Each Mania ~ Greatest WM Arenas and Performers THANKS FOR LISTENING!! I hope you WWE Fans enjoy the show! DON'T MISS OUR NEXT WRESTLEMANIA TOP 10 THIS WEEKEND WHERE I WILL BE DOING TOP 10 WM MATCHES! Don't forget Wrestle Mania 34 is on Sunday April, 8, 2018!
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