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AC Network B-I-G 100th Episode CELEBRATION PARTY!
March 10, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
It's time to go big! BIG TIME! Today, AC Network officially hits 100 episodes. 100 already?! Wow time flies bye. On June 30,2017 AC Network was created. It was started as a new platform and a whole new podcast for me and to see it succeeding so early on is incredibly. Today March 10th, 2018 I present to you a very special PARTY to celebrate 100 episodes! THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT AND YOUR LISTENS FROM JUNE 30 2017 TO NOW AND WATCHING AC NETWORK GROW. I hope you will continue to like AC Network. To celebrate reaching 100 episodes I have put together an action packed show filled with special guests, topics, and entertainment. 3 hours of fun podcast action.. Here is what is on tap for the 100th episode: Special Guests: ~ Crayfish Man James Jones Find out about James Jones as he tells you about his life outside crayfish. ~ Nature Artist Tropical Fish Enthusiast Sam Garcia JR Sam Garcia is here to talk to us about South American and Central American fish, ~ Late Great Lynn Mathney Listen to an interview from the late great Lynn Mathney who sadly passed away yrs ago.She loved podcasts and supported me from day one. Topics from Each Flagship Show: Exotic Aquatics: South American Cichlids (Angelfish, Discus, Severum) On the Stove and In the Oven: Spring Recipes (Pasta Primevera and Smores) Inside the Ring with AC: Dream WWE Wrestlemania 34 Match Card On the Case with AC: Forgotten Crimes Alex Cardinale Show: Why you should have your own podcast PLUS HEAR CRAZY ONE LINERS AND MUSIC!!!! Now your'e at the party, enjoy yourself!!!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING 100 EPISODES POSSIBLE!
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