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Round the Bases w/ The Yankees on AC: 2018 DEBUT!
March 07, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Welcome to your New York Yankees podcast here on AC Network!!! I, Alex Cardinale host of A.C. Network am a very proud fan of the New York Yankees. I have liked the Yankees since I was born. In 2009, I enjoyed watching them win the most recent world series. For the first time ever, I am very excited to present the opportunity to share my love of the New York Yankees with other Yankees fans! The name of this show on the AC Network is Round the Bases with the Yankees and it's going to be a weekly show focusing on the baseball action from the Yankees. Find out the best player of the week, best play of the week, best hitter and hit and more!! Only Yankees fans are allowed, unless you want to be a Yankees fan. J/K anyone is welcomed to listen. Planned for the debut show today: ~ How I became a Yankees fan ~ Why I am a Yankees fan ~ My favorite Yankees players ~ Yankees 2018 season schedule ~ Preview 2018 season ~ My MLB 2K17 Fantasy team Enjoy the show! Thanks for your listen! GO YANKEES! Opening day is March 29th 2018 against the Toronto Blue Jays.
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