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ACS Life Changes By Sara- The Importance of Clean Eating
March 05, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Alex Cardinale and the Alex Cardinale Show are honored to announce that we will have a monthly show with a special guest host each month! Life Changes by Sara Chunglo is an encouraging program dedicated to help change people's lives around for the better just like Sara did! Sara is going to host a monthly show here on the Alex Cardinale Show where she will provide information on the various things she is knowledgeable in including healthy eating, exercises, motivation and more! If you missed the first show, go back and listen to it here! (Copy and Paste the link( Today, Sara will be talking about eating healthy and clean eating. Clean eating keeps your body in shape and keeps your mind in check! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! Why not eat great food to be great? Join Sara as she discusses the importance of Clean Eating and more!!! Need a voice over? Check me out at
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