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Exotic Aquatics w/AA: Monster Fish Keepers- Amazonian Monsters
March 04, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Amazon is home to thousands of tropical fish species. Many of those thousands are unique exotic oddball type fish! Many more of them are monster fish!!! There are monsters underwater! Monsters under caves, monsters swimming freely, and monsters swimming at the top. Amazon is home to swim giants!! How about a 200 LB catfish that is known to have swallowed a man? How about an arapaima weighing in at 350- 400 lbs or more and 9 ft tall making it the largest fish in the world for freshwater. Let's dive deep into the Amazon and discuss these monsters! On this edition of Exotic Aquatics Monster Fish Keeper's, I will be discussing the common monster fish from the amazon available in the aquarium hobby and the 2 NOT suitable for the aquarium hobby. Planned for the show: ~ Discussion on the following Monsters in Aquarium Hobby: Red Tail Catfish Tiger Shovelnose Catfish Oxydoras Niger Catfish Silver Arowana Pacu Electric Eel Wolffish Black Rhombus Piranha Piraiba Catfish Arapaima Enjoy the show monster fish keepers and predatory fish lovers!!! Thanks fish keepers for listening to the show! Happy fish keeping! Aqua Alex says thanks for the listen. NEED A VOICE OVER?! Check me out at
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