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On the Stove W/ Chef Alex: Cooking with Alcohol Chat & Delicious Recipes
February 28, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Adults love to drink alcohol!! But did you know that you can cook with it too? It is popular to cook with wine, rum, vodka, and other alcohol. As a matter of fact, wine is purchased for cooking as well as for drinking. Why cook with alcohol you ask? It's simple. Alcohol adds some delicious extra flavor to your food and this will make your food go from delicious to extra ordinary delicious. Join me as I break down some information you need to know about cooking with alcohol and get some good recipes. Food lovers, cooks, and chefs sit back and relax as I give to you some great information!!! Get ready to head into the kitchen and whip up some great entrees featuring some delicious alcohol. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ TYPES OF ALCOHOL USED FOR COOKING ~ HOW TO COOK WITH ALCOHOL DELICIOUS RECIPES INCLUDING: CHICKEN MARSALA CHICKEN FRANCAISE PENNE ALA VODKA RED WINE AU JUS SOLE OF FLORENTINE CARDINALE STYLE AND MORE!!!! Enjoy the show and get cooking! Ask Chef Alex a question. Need a voice over for a party, birthday? Check me out at
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