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In the Oven W/ Chef Alex: Valentine's Day 2018 Sweets & Treats Recipes
February 12, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Valentine's Day is this Wednesday!!! Are you ready to surprise your loved one with something that'll never forget? Something so sweet their mouth will get an orgasm in tasting it. Want to show your loved one you care for them? Bake them an awesome Valentine's Day dessert! Chef Alex has your bases covered with many EASY YET DELICIOUSLY SWEET recipes for you and your loved ones. REMEMBER THANK CHEF ALEX WHEN THE MOOD ENDS ON A SWEEEEETTT NOTE! Desserts are a popular aspect of Valentine's Day, but in my eyes, baking a homemade treat for your special someone shows you REALLY LOVE THEM! On this show just 2 days before Valentine's Day, I Chef Alex will give you some simple dessert ideas and some awesome dessert recipes! Get into your kitchen and whip up some delicious desserts! On this show: ~ Simple Desserts to Make for Valentine's Day ~ Best Desserts for Valentine's Day ~RECIPES: CHOCOLATE COVERED OREOS CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES RED VELVET CAKE STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE MAM COOKIES AND MORE!!!!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!!! CHEF ALEX LOVES YA! NEED A VOICE OVER? NEED A SPECIAL LOVE YOU MESSAGE? CHECK MY VOICE OVER GIG OUT AT:
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