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On the Stove W/ Chef Alex: Valentine's Day 2018 Lunch and Dinner Recipes
February 08, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Valentine's Day is coming up fast, in fact it's coming up this Wednesday!!! Valentines day already? Yup! Well it's time to get ready for the biggest romantic day of the year. A day filled with love, kisses, hugs, and food. A night full of sweets and sex. I am going to get you set for an awesome Valentine's Day Lunch and or Dinner with my delicious ideas for lunch and dinner and of course my delicious recipes. What is a perfect Valentine's day dinner? If I owned a restaurant, what would be my Valentine's Day menu? What tips do I give for hosting Valentine's Day dinner? Find out on this fun Valentine's Day themed cooking show (On the Stove with Chef Alex). 2018 will see much more cooking and baking shows than 2017 did. IMAGINE IF I CHEF ALEX HAD A RESTAURANT, WHAT WOULD MY MENU FOR THE BIGGEST DINING OUT DAY BE? WHAT WOULD MY VALENTINE'S DAY MENU BE? FIND OUT! Planned for the Show: ~ Chef Alex's Mock Valentine's Day MENU ~ Chef Alex's Valentine's Day Dinner Tips ~ Chef Alex's Out to Eat on VD Tips ~ Chef Alex's Lunch and Dinner VD Suggestions ~ DELICIOUS RECIPES INCLUDING: Prime Rib, Mozzarella Sticks, Veal Parm, Beef Wellington, Chicken Parm Pannani and more!!! Enjoy the show and Happy Valentine's Day! Please share the show with your friends and family if you enjoyed it! Leave a review on i-tunes if you want. NEED A VOICE OVER FOR A PARTY, OR YOUR YOUTUBE, PODCAST? WANT ME TO VOICE OVER AND READ YOUR RECIPES? Check me out at
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