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The Alex Cardinale Show Gets Controversial: ''Abuse'' &''Abusive'' Relationships
February 03, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
One of the worst things that happens in the world is abuse. Abuse can be done from anyone and done to anyone! Every day some one around the world is getting abused! We need to put an end and say NO! to abuse! Domestic Violence happens and a lot of the abuse goes unreported due to the victim felling terrified. Are you ready for the next controversial topic on The Alex Cardinale Show? This is a topic I have always wanted to do and I am going to provide my key points. I am hoping with today's show that I am able to spread some knowledge on abuse and help stop future abuse victims! Do you know someone being abused? Tell them help is available. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ What is Abuse? ~ Domestic Abuse discussion ~ What causes someone to abuse ~ Why do people stay in abusive relationships AND MORE!!! Enjoy!!!!! REMEMBER IF YOU KNOW OF ANYONE IN A ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP WHO MAY BE IN DANGER OR NEED HELP HAVE THEM CALL 1−800−799−7233!! In need of a voice over? Check me out at
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