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Exotic Aquatics W/AA Special: Chatting Brackish Water Aquariums with David Morton
February 02, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Most fish keepers and most people in general think that there are only 2 types of water systems and aquariums. They will say that there is freshwater (which has no salt) and saltwater. But, did you know that there is something in between freshwater and saltwater??! Yes there is. It is called Brackish Water. Brackish water is a mixture of saltwater with freshwater. It's only a little bit of salt which results in a low salinity of about 1.010 or less. Brackish water lakes and rivers house some interesting species. You never know what fish or animals you will see when an ocean meets a lake! Archer fish will be sitting at the surface waiting for insects to perch. Monos and scats will be schooling down below. Pufferfish glide by. Did you know you as an aquarium hobbyist can recreate this natural piece of history and art at home? It is easy to have a brackish water aquarium. Our special honorary guest is Mr. David Morton who has been keeping brackish water fish for many years!! He is also group owner of Christian Aquarium Hobbyists on Facebook, a group where all fish keepers are welcomed! Laid back no drama fish group who love tropical fish keepers. David will tell us about brackish water aquariums, and the fish species. Plus, you'll get a few laughs. A great Friday night tropical fish podcast. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Brackish Water Aquariums and Tropical Fish Chat Topics such as how to set up a brackish aquarium, maintenance,etc. Tropical fish chat including species puffers, archerfish, monos, scats and more ~ Funny Archerfish story ~ What is ''SCAT""? What is a scat fish! Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!!! Thanks Dave for being a great guest! Exotic Aquatics brought to you by Willow's Reef LLC see link below (copy and paste] JOIN DAVID'S AWESOME FACEBOOK FISH GROUP! FISH CHAT AND MORE! EVERYONE WELCOME! (COPY AND PASTE LINK): NEED A VOICE OVER FOR A CELEBRATION, MESSAGE SYSTEM, INTROS/OUTROS/COMMERCIALS/ETC CHECK ME OUT ON FIVERR (COPY AND PASTE LINK)
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