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On the Case W/ AC: America Under Fire Part 3
February 01, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Crime detectives get ready for our 3rd installment of America Under fire where fellow Crime detective Alex Cardinale talks to you about some of the worst Mass Shootings in American history. We have already covered the Columbine High School shooting, Sandy Hook Shooting, Virginia tech shooting and some of the other huge ones! On the 3rd edition of America Under Fire, I will be discussing some of the more recent shootings and some of the Mass Shootings that are not well known! It is my goal to get these mass shootings known for a good reason, to prevent future mass shootings. I'm also going to give you some information on how you can survive or help others survive if you get shot. Find out what happens when you get shot and the damages a bullet can do. This is a good listen for all the fellow ID discovery lovers and crime lovers! Here is what's Planned for the Show: ~ What Happens when you Get Shot ~ How to Survive if your Shot ~ The following Mass Shootings will be Discussed: Las Vegas shooting 2017 Sutherland Springs church shooting 2017 Edmond post office shooting 1986 Binghamton shootings 2009 Fort Hood shooting 2009 Enjoy the show! Thanks for listening! Please feel free to share and leave a review on I-tunes! Check out my other shows on A.C. Network. NEED A VOICE OVER FOR A CELEBRATION, PODCAST INTRO/OUTRO, YOUTUBE, ETC..... I WILL BE HAPPY TO DO IT FOR YOU.MORE INFO AT LINK BELOW COPY AND PASTE:
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