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Exotic Aquatics W/Aqua Alex: MONSTER FISH KEEPERS DEBUT!
January 31, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Love BIG fish? Love predators? Love predatory fish? Love MONSTER fish? Then this is the MONSTER show for you. Tropical fish keeper's welcome to Exotic Aquatics newest series, Monster Fish Keepers. on Monster Fish Keeper's, I Aqua Alex will discuss any and everything MONSTER aquarium fish of both freshwater and saltwater. Ever since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed keeping some of these cool large growing predatory fish! I've decided to create a series called Monster Fish Keeper's to connect with other monster fish lovers across the world to share my love, knowledge, and passion for the monster fish hobby. On MFK, you can expect nothing but the biggest and best tropical fish chat. I will speak on different monster fish species, have special guests, and provide a fun but informal show on monster fish! Today, it's Monster Fish Keeper's debut! What will the show be about? What plans do I have? I'll answer all that and more!! On the show today: ~ Plans for this series Monster Fish Keeper's ~ Monster Fish I will NEVER keep again ~ Monster Fish I will NEVER Keep ~ Monster fish I have respect for AND MY FAVORITE MONSTER FISH! Fish keeper's, enjoy the show and please feel free to share!!!!! Purchase some aquarium supplies from Aqua Alex at: Contact me for info on Clearwater Algae Scrubbers and how to get one Need a voice over for a upcoming party or your own podcast/youtube? Contact me below (copy and paste link)
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