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The Alex Cardinale Show: ''100 Likes A.C. Network Facebook Page Special''
January 26, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
Our Facebook page (A.C. Alex Cardinale Network) has officially reached ''100'' likes! It is NOT the number of likes that I am happy about it, it's the amount of people who support and listen to the A.C. Network! I love my loyal audience who support me and bring in new listeners. I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for your listen, your love, and your support. Remember at the beginning of A.C. Network when we debut where I said, if you like our Facebook Page you will get a shout-out?! Well, every time AC Network gets 100 likes on Facebook, I'm going to throw a celebration special episode just for you and also host a contest with some awesome prizes! To celebrate 100 likes on our Facebook page, I have put together an awesome show packed with some interesting topics and funny audio clips! Laugh your asses off at an adult spongebob, Ted's version of Law and Order, and the funny series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Expect the unexpected when Alex discusses tipping in restaurants, Wal-Mart clientele, the recent sex scandals and more! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ TIPPING IN RESTAURANTS AND IS IT NECESSARY? ~ WAL-MART CLIENTELE ~ FUNNY AUDIO CLIPS ~ RECENT SEX SCANDALS ~ TIDE POD CHALLENGE ~ SB 52 AND XFL ~ DISCONTINUED FOODS FROM 90'S AND 00'S ENJOY THE SHOW! THIS IS YOUR SHOW, SO ENJOY! INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TO LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. LINK IS BELOW SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE LINK! Need a voice over for a birthday, wedding, celebration, or for your youtube, podcast or other project! Check me out! I will do a voice over for you starting at $5... for more info copy and paste link!
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