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A.C. Network Season 2 2018 Premiere SPECIAL!
January 20, 2018 Alexander Cardinale
It's a new year! A new season has begun! Welcome to Season 2 of the A.C. Network! This year, A.C. Network has a lot of great stuff planned. 2018 and Season 2 is going to be action packed with great shows, great guests, and great topics! What will season 2 have in store? Well the wait is over, Season 2 begins with this 2 and a half hour extraordinary extravagant episode! Each of our flagship show presents an awesome topic for you the listeners. There are 2 awesome special guests on the show to kick start Season 2 and 2018! ON THE SEASON 2 PREMIERE: ~Exotic Aquatics Special Guest: Crayfish Man James Jones Ever want to keep crayfish as a pet? Want to learn about crayfish? James Jones is here to talk about crayfish and talk about his new crayfish podcast. ~ On the Stove Special Guest: San Francisco Fire Captain Jon Low Jon will discuss kitchen fires and how to put them out and also cooking in the firehouse. TOPICS: ~ Exotic Aquatics: South American Cichlid Discussion: Chocolate Cichlid, Green Terror Cichlid, and Satanoperca Leucosticta ~ Inside the Ring with AC: WWE Dream Royal Rumble 2018 Match Card ~ On the Case with AC: Celebrities caught up in Crime ~ In the Oven and On the Stove Healthy Recipes ~ The Alex Cardinale Show: Is online dating real? PLUS, AS A SPECIAL SURPRISE, HERE ALEX CARDINALE SING! HE SINGS SONGS SUCH AS LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! Enjoy the show and thanks for listening. This will be an amazing year and season. Be sure to check A.C. Network on social media. Want Alex to do a voice over for you? Check out his fiverr page below:( copy and paste link)
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