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A.C. Network Award Show: Best of 2017
December 30, 2017 Alexander Cardinale
Welcome to the inaugural episode of A.C. Network Awards! Every year at the end of the year, I, Alex Cardinale will host an award show that will celebrate the best of AC Network in that year. It is a fun way for both the listeners and I to celebrate everything we have accomplished that year. There will be best guests of the year, the best episode of the year, and more!! With 2017 coming too an end in 48 hours, join me as I recap AC Network in 2017. Find out what the best of 2017! YOUR VOTED COUNTED!!!! YOU VOTED FOR ALL THE WINNERS! A.C. Network is going to finish off a great year in a great way with the first ever Award show!!! Before I announce the winners of the awards, find out what a flagship show is, find out about the stats for 2017 for AC Network, and more!!! PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ What is a Flagship show?! ~ 2017 AC Network Stats ~ BEST OF 2017 AWARDS Congrats to all the winners!!!! Enjoy the show! Thanks for making our 6 month journey in 2017 a success! GOODBYE 2017, HELLO 2018!
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