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Exotic Aquatics: Aquatic Wetline Spoken Aquarium Magazine: December 2017
December 22, 2017 Alexander Cardinale
Aqua Alex is proud to release to the tropical fish keeper's, the 2nd episode of Exotic Aquatics Aquatic Wetline the one and the ONLY Spoken Aquarium Magazine. This is a fun fish keeping podcast magazine for the dedicated serious tropical fish keepers and aquarium lovers. Each month, there will be plenty of awesome segments. Exotic Aquatics AW is a ONCE A MONTH show! Our 2nd edition of Exotic Aquatics Aquatic Wetline Spoken Aquarium Magazine, I have an action packed show for December 2017. Fish keeper's are going to love this show! You will learn a lot about tropical fish on this show. Sit back, relax, eat dinner, drink beer, and enjoy what you hear! Enjoy yourself just as much as you would if you were reading an aquarium magazine. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ AQUA ALEX'S FISHY BRAINY TIPS: HOW TO GROW FISH QUICKLY AND KEEP YOUR FISH HAPPY AND HEALTHY ~ WET SPOT TROPICAL FISH STORE AND FRESHWATER EXOTICS TROPICAL FISH STORE STOCK LIST AND SPOTLIGHT ~ PLECO SPOTLIGHT L129 COLOMBIAN ZEBRA PLECO ~EXOTIC AQUATIC TOPIC OF THE MONTH: LARGE ''MONSTER'' FISH THAT ARE SUITABLE FOR AQUARIUMS ~ YOURFISHSTUFF FISH FOOD OF THE MONTH: ANGELFISH FLAKES ~ FRESHWATER FISH OF THE MONTH: BLACK BAR SILVER DOLLAR FISH (Myleus Schomburgkii) ~ SALTWATER FISH OF THE MONTH: Maroon Clownfish Enjoy the show! Please share today's show with your fellow fish keepers. Thanks for listening. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Fish Keepers.
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