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The Alex Cardinale Show: Christmas Listener Gift Special Guest Author Nick Britton
December 16, 2017 Alexander Cardinale
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!! Today, I have a very special gift to all my listeners of Alex Cardinale Show. I have a wonderful special guest on the show today. I would like to thank dear friend, mentor, and fellow podcast host Jeremy Stellhorn for providing us a wonderful guest today. For the 2nd time in my podcasting career, I have the honor of interviewing an author. Yes, that's right an Author!! Our guest is Author of books such as Lessons from the Little Ones,Children Know Success, Do You?. He writes books on motivation, success, and positive life lessons. Our guest is Mr. Nick Britton a wonderful author. Join Nick and I as we sit down and have a conversation and discuss his books. Planned topics: ~ What made Nick want to be an author? ~ What are his books about? ~ What is his message in all his books? AND MORE!!!! I hope you enjoy this show and interview, hope you think it's a wonderful Christmas gift. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
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