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Exotic Aquatics W/ Aqua Alex: Christmas 2017 in a Fish Tank
December 14, 2017 Alexander Cardinale
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays fish keepers! Hope all of my fish keeping listeners have a great Christmas and enjoy the rest of 2017! On this episode of Exotic Aquatics, Aqua Alex celebrates Christmas in a fish tank with all of you. This may be the first Christmas themed aquarium podcast episode out there, how cool! I have some awesome tropical fish Christmas discussion for you on this fun fish show! Do you have a fellow fish keeper friend? What to give a fish keeper as a Christmas gift? Getting a new tank for Christmas? Find out what to know. What is Aqua Alex's Christmas gift to his listeners? PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ Aqua Alex discusses Christmas Gifts for Tropical Fish Keepers ~ Fish tank as Christmas gift?! What you need to Know ~ Buying Tropical Fish for Christmas ~ Fish I recommend ~ Aqua Alex's Christmas gifts (Shout-outs to deserving fish keepers) ~ Freshwater and Saltwater Fish that represent Christmas Enjoy the show!!!! Thanks for listening. Please share and feel free to leave a review on I-tunes! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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