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AC Network Christmas 2017 MUSIC THROW-DOWN
December 07, 2017 Alexander Cardinale
It's Christmas season!! Christmas is known for many things. Jesus our savior was born on Christmas, we bake delicious cookies and other goodies on Christmas, we go Christmas shopping, and hand out Christmas presents. But, one of the biggest and best things about Christmas is CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!! Christmas Music is one of the best genera of music out there. I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC and I am sure you do too! December is Christmas month, so Christmas music is a MUST!!! Songs Planned for the Show: ~ Jingle Bell Rock ~ Let It Snow ~ Frosty the Snowman ~ Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey ~ Ol Holy Night ~ Sleigh Ride ~ We Wish you a Merry Christmas AND MORE INCLUDING A SONG FROM AN UP AND COMING ARTIST. PLUS, HEAR ABOUT SOME CHRISTMAS BAKED GOODS AND WHAT'S TO COME ON ON THE STOVE OUR BAKING SHOW AND MORE!!!
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