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Inside the Ring W/AC: WWE Superstar Biography- Seth Rollins
December 07, 2017 Alexander Cardinale
WWE fans, get ready for our 2nd WWE superstar biography. The WWE Superstar up for discussion today is the king slayer, the man, Seth Friggin' Rollins. Seth Rollins is a 2 times WWE Champion, 2 times Tag Team Champion, a Money in the Bank winner, the first man to cash in Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania and walk out as champion, and leader of the Shield. Seth Rollins is one of the best superstars in this generation. He is a fan favorite, he is talented, great on the mic and even better in the ring. Seth Rollins is one of my favorite wrestlers. Sit back relax and enjoy the show as you learn about Seth Rollins. ON THE SHOW: ~ INFORMATION ABOUT SETH ROLLINS ~ SETH ROLLINS INDEPENDENT WRESTLING AND ROH WRESTLING ~ SETH ROLLINS NXT AND WWE CAREER ~ MY FAVORITE SETH ROLLINS MOMENTS, MATCHES, AND THOUGHTS!!!!! ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!!! Go SETH ROLLINS!
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