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On the Case w/ AC: America Under Fire Part 2
December 04, 2017 Alexander Cardinale
It's time to find out about some more of these tragic mass shootings. America has been under fire for many years even dating back to the 1950's and 1960's. When I say under fire I'm not talking about real fires, I'm talking about mass shootings. Believe it or not there is at least four memorable mass shootings per each decade. The more people with access to guns the higher the chances of this occurring rise. It's time for us to learn about more tragic mass shootings. This is part 2 of a five part series!!! Today I am going to talk about some of the biggest shootings in history. But also on the agenda, I am going to talk about how to survive an active shooter situation and a mass shooting. Plus I am going to talk about why people don't react or do nothing in emergency situations and what first responders and psychiatrists think about it. PLANNED FOR THE SHOW: ~ HOW PEOPLE REACT TO EMERGENCIES SUCH AS MASS SHOOTINGS ~ WHAT IS NEGATIVE PANIC AND NORMALCY BIAS? ~ HOW TO SURVIVE A MASS SHOOTING SITUATION DISCUSS THE FOLLOWING MASS SHOOTINGS: ~ UT TOWER SHOOTING 1961 ~ REDWOOD SHOOTING 2005 ~LIBY'S SHOOTING 1991 ~ ORLANDO PULSE NIGHTCLUB 2016 SHOOTING ~ SAN Bernardino CA SHOOTING 2015 ENJOY THE SHOW!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!
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